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Water Ionizer or Water Filter

We are still researching water ionizers.

Money is definitely a consideration.

Water filters is an option.

Ty Bollinger uses a Big Berkey water filter and I am trying to find out more about it, because, compared to an ionizer, this Berkey is a few hundred dollars, and there are several models.


Ty Bollinger’s book, Cancer – Step Outside The Box – Extract, Page 229

“Many people drink distilled or osmotic water, but in my opinion, this is dead water.  Yes, most of the toxic chemicals have been removed, but also missing are the alkaline minerals and oxygen – especially in the case of distilled water, since it is “acidic.”  My family drinks tap water that has been filtered with our Big Berkey water filter, which filters out lead, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, etc.  All that remains is pure water.”


Extract, Page 230

“Dr Batman’s message to the world was, “You are not sick, you are thirsty.  Don’t treat thirst with medication.”  Learn more about Dr. Batman and his amazing research at


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Anticancer Dip – Alkalizing Dip

We have become adventurous with dips – it’s a great way to eat raw vegetables and replaces store-bought sauces filled with corn syrup, sugar and additives.


Ty Bollinger’s book, Cancer – Step Outside The Box – Extract, Page 226

“We have begun to love a mixture of tomatoes, red peppers, avocados, onions, garlic, oregano, cilantro, lime juice, and extra-virgin olive oil.  I put it in the food processor for about thirty seconds and then we spread it on vegetables and flax crackers.  The kiddos affectionately call it “Daddy Dip.”  This mixture is highly alkalizing to the body, and it also tastes good.  Why  do we combine these specific veggies?

Tomatoes – contain lycopene, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and carotenoid, and also very alkaline!

Red peppers – high in vitamin C and beta carotene and very alkaline

Avocados – an excellent source of Omega-3 fats and very alkaline

Garlic – contains diallyl sulfide (chemically similar to DMSO) and ajoene (induces apoptosis in cancer cells) – a powerful oxygen transport enhance and anticarcinogen – also one of the most powerful antifungals in the world.

Oregano – extremely potent antioxidant and alkaline as well

Cilantro –helps remove (chelate) heavy metals

Lime juice – adds a “zest” to the mixture and highly alkaline

Olive oil – contains vitamin E, vitamin A, chlorophyll, magnesium and a ton of other nutrients.

Two important things to remember about plant foods: 1) eat them raw – cooking over 112 degreees destroys the enzymes, and 2) eat organic fruits and vegetables (if possible) – conventionally grown plant foods have likely been sprayed with toxic pesticides.”


NOTOCHEMO’S CONCLUSION:  There’s so much anticancer info out there that no matter what we do, I feel, as long as we stick to the basics of good nutrition (herbs should be researched carefully), dips are an easy way to eat healthfully.

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Soapnuts? It’s For Real, A Fruit That Does Your Laundry!

Soap Nuts?  Thank goodness for the internet.

Is this your first time too?  Just the name intrigued me.



Soap Nuts in General

By Matt Johnson

In the jungles of countries like India and Nepal soap nut trees grow. Sapindus is the species which includes many sub species that grown in tropical  zones. Many people think soap nuts are nuts, but in fact, they are not nuts at all, but a fruit.  The name most likely came from its pit, which resembles a nut.

Soapy substances called saponins are found in the outer shells of soap nuts. These saponins have the effect of detergents when mixed with water. Each fruit of the soap nut tree contains one, two or three seeds and the fruit itself has a leathery texture and a yellowish or blackish color. They are used frequently, both medicinally and as detergents.

If you overhear any expert talking about renewable detergents, then it is soap nuts that they are referring to. These tiny fruits that grow on soap nut trees are actually very useful for many purposes.

As detergents:

Did you know that soap nuts make an excellent natural laundry detergent? Unlike the harsh detergents that are sold commercially by many manufacturers, these natural detergents are effective, as well as gentle. They do not contain bleaching agents. You can use them safely with or colored clothes. Laundry done with them is chemical free. The laundry also comes outodorless.

Can you believe that a product that grows on soap nut trees can actually be used to get your clothes clean? Fine wool, linen, silks, cotton, they work well on all. The next time you have a tubful of dirty clothes, just grab a bag of soap nuts. You will have freshly washed clothes free of harmful chemicals.

For medicinal purposes:

They are also used to relieve conditions like eczema and psoriasis. They do not contain any chemicals that irritate the skin. Soap nuts are frequently used by people with extremely sensitive skin. They have a unique anti-microbial property that helps kill germs and reduce skin problems. What’s more, soap nuts are also used as cleansers and homemade shampoos to remove lice.

Other benefits:

In addition to these benefits, they are used by jewelers to remove the tarnish from old pieces of metal, like silver. They are also used to clean up contaminated soil in many places.”

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Homemade Laundry Detergent?

HomeMadeLaundrySoapI’ve not tried this.  Just found this recipe online.

I would be interested to try it when I have the time and I run out of my Costco Kirkland enviromentally safe detergent.

You will see that original recipe came from


Thanks to Prairieland Herbs for this wonderful recipe. It works great.

You can find all the ingredients for homemade laundry detergent at most grocery stores. I get everything except the washing soda at Costco because that’s where it’s the cheapest (the washing soda I buy at the grocery store). I buy in bulk so I only have to buy this stuff once every six months or so.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Use 1 tablespoon to 1/4 cup per load.

Food processor (optional — you can use a cheese grater)
Large plastic tub or bucket (preferably with a lid — you could also recycle an old cardboard box of detergent)

2 cups Borax
2 cups washing soda
1 cup baking soda
1 bar soap (it doesn’t matter what kind you use)
Essential oil (optional — if the soap is scented, you may not want to add this)

1. Cut the soap up into large chunks with a knife.

2. Throw the chunks into the food processor and blend into a powder (or as close to a powder as possible).

3. In a large plastic tub or bucket, stir together the Borax, washing soda, and baking soda. Be careful not to breathe in the powder while you mix. Let it settle first and then continue stirring.

4. Stir in the grated soap.

5. Stir in drops of essential oil if you like.

And yes, this laundry detergent works great for cloth diapers. You can use it for front loaders, too.”

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Leucozepin? Increase White Blood Cells? Immune Booster?

I don’t know this product.  It is one of those emailed to me and, of course, it caught ,my attention.

Increase white blood cells?

Ingredients are great.

I wonder about the origin of the herbs, from US, China?

Also, are they standardized while being processed?

I am going to ask around on this product.  When you go to the site, you will see an explanation of each ingredient.



Leucozepin is most commonly used for individuals suffering from cancer (sufferers typically have low levels of white and red blood cells, and blood platelets). Up to 90% of them have fatigue of various levels due to the abnormal growth of tumors and as the side effect of treatments.

It’s increasingly common for non-cancer patients to utilize the same concentrated benefits of Leucozepin to help boost their immune system, blood cell count and increase energy.

Benefits of Leucozepin®

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Increases and regulates white blood count and red blood cell count – read clinical study
  • Boosts energy
  • Activates NK cells
  • Stimulates macrophages
  • Relieves fatigue

Leucozepin®, with its proprietary formula of 15 highest quality herbs, is the premier product for LIFEnhance. It regulates the entire immune system, restoring it to a balanced healthy state. The weak immune system is strengthened by the activation of NK cells, T-cells, B-cells and macrophages. Clinical results were seen in an average of 7 days. For maximum efficacy, Leucozepin® was formulated  to be super concentrated, a 6 to 1 ratio.

Traditional herbal drinks are usually unpleasant in taste and smell – Leucozepin® is made with a surprisingly pleasing taste.

Another wonderful benefit of Leucozepin® is that it raises the energy level. Many cancer sufferers, who used to be bed ridden, were able to get up, go to work, lead normal lives and regain their quality of life.

The herbs in Leucozepin® are well known immune stimulators and have anti-cancer properties. Many of these herbs have had extensive research proving that they stimulate the immune function and repair damaged cells. Astragalus has been known to activate white blood cells and T-cells in the immune system, assisting in the battle against cancer. Natural Killer (NK) cells are recognized to kill microscopic, undetectable tumors in healthy immune systems. Reishi mushroom has extensive scientific research showing that it promotes the production of NK Cell activity in the bodyBai-zhu Atractylodes has been shown to augment the immune system by stimulating macrophages and lymphocytes (B-cells, T-cells) and also has anti-cancer properties.

Cross application: immune disorder, anemia, leucopenia, chronic fatigue

Ingredients found in Leucozepin®

The formulation consists of the following natural ingredients:
Click each herb to see a photo and learn about its natural healing properties.

Astragalus (root) Dong Quai (root) Ligustrum Lucidum (fruit)
Spatholobus (stem) Rehmannia (root) Bai-zhu Atractylodes (root)
Reishi Mushroom (whole) Polygonatum (root) Poria (seed)
Codonopsis (root) Psoralea (fruit) Lycium (fruit)
Tangerine (fruit peel) Dendrobium (stem) Chinese Licorice (root)

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50 Ways To Increase Enzymes In Your Diet

Interesting list about enzymes (if you go to the link, she provides recipes where indicated)”

“50 Ways To Increase Enzymes In Your Diet

1. Fresh watermelon
2. Raw milk
3. Naturally fermented sauerkraut
4. Dried fruit (raisins, cherries, blueberries, bananas, dried at a low temperature)
5. Sushi
6. Oysters on the half shell (see my recipe)
7. Essene bread (a sprouted grain bread baked at a low temperature)
8. Raw honey mixed into yogurt
9. Beef tartare
10. Naturally fermented salsa
11. Kefir (see my recipe)
12. Naturally fermented dill pickles or pickle relish
13. Caesar salad
14. Fresh coconut water
15. Raw butter on toast
16. Ceviche
17. Beet kvass
18. An apple (I guess this is why they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”)
19. Sour cream
20. Kombucha (see my recipe)
21. Raw bean and seed sprouts, added to salads or eaten as a snack
22. Sprouted flour crackers (dried, not baked — see my recipe)
23. Kefir soda pop (see my recipe)
24. Soaked granola (dried, not baked — see my recipe)
25. Tuna tartare
26. Raw ice cream (made with raw cream and raw egg yolks)
27. Gazpacho
28. Fruit salad
29. Caviar
30. Raw almonds, soaked and dried (make sure they are real raw almonds, as many almonds are labeled raw but they are not)
31. Hamburgers, cooked medium rare
32. Hollandaise sauce made with raw egg yolks
33. Fresh tomato juice (made at home — most store-bought brands are pasteurized)
34. Banana split
35. Buttermilk ranch dressing (see my recipe)
36. Fresh carrot juice (made at home — most store-bought brands are pasteurized)
37. Raw egg yolks added to smoothies or milk shakes
38. Caprese salad
39. Pesto made with fresh basil, raw Parmesan, and raw pine nuts (soaked and dried)
40. Nicoise salad
41. Salmon roe (see my recipe for Deviled Eggs with Salmon Roe)
42. Mayonnaise made with raw egg yolks (see my recipe)
43. Fruit leather (dried at a low temperature)
44. Cantaloupe
45. Fresh guacamole
46. Steak, cooked medium rare
47. Tzatziki sauce (Greek yogurt cucumber dip)
48. Fresh wheatgrass juice
49. Sprouted seeds, nuts and beans added to a salad
50. Kefir smoothies”

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Bread Baked With Probiotics – Yeast-Free- Cooking Old-Fashioned With Cultures – Probiotics!

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF BREAD BAKED WITH PROBIOTICS?  Basically, it’s sourdough cultures, as far as I understand.  I was so glad I found this baker at the Farmers’ Market at Victory Park in Pasadena.

Wow.   If you need gluten free, yeast free bread, you need to research this.

The man selling the bread was passionate and knew about bread.  He said, probiotics do the work for you outside outside the body, and you eat the bread that uses only good ingredients, whereas, yeast in the bread causes people a lot of problems.

I bought a Garlic Chives loaf for $5.00 and it was phenomenal – a little tart, tasty, chewy and all-around great bread  flavor.


Ingredients of this amazing bread, NO YEAST!

– unbleached wheat flour

– filtered water

– sourdough culture

– whole wheat flour

– malted barley

– sea salt

– garlic cloves, garlic chives

– vitamin C

government enforced vitamins, iron, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin mononitrate, folic acid

I did not see this until I got home  – I guess it is self-explanatory.

Hubby loved the Garlic Chives loaf.

As a result of meeting this amazing baker, I went online and found this link and book – cooking with starter cultures etc., not with yeast.  I have not researched more than this link but I will.  I extracted a bit from the site on how kefir grains are used as starters.  .


Extract from book –


Some people say real Kefir grains look like pieces of cauliflower. If you wash a piece under the tap you will discover something that looks like a convoluted fungi, the result of a symbiotic relationship between approximately thirty bacteria and yeasts.

There are records of Kefir being used for a few thousand years. No one seems to no where they came from. My feeling is they originated at the same time mankind began milking animals.

Real kefir grains have traditionally been shared amongst neighbours and used to culture different substrates so there must have been many opportunities for cross culturing. An analysis of Kefir grains from different parts of the world would probably show many similarities in types of bacteria and yeasts but with some differences unique to the location and the substrate.

Unlike yogurt which requires sterile conditions, Kefir is typically used in non sterile substrates with no ill effects (that the author has heard of), apparently Kefir has a mechanism which resists contamination from harmful organisms. The microflora of Kefir in a milk substrate produce some addititional B vitamins, lactic acid and other healthful substances. A keyword search of the Internet should provide you with links to articles that discuss the production of antibiotic, antiviral and anti cancer substances in cows milk cultured with real kefir grains.”


This is the amazing baker  I found at the Farmers’ Market at Hollywood Park, Pasadena.


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Non-Organic Produce – Radish Cleaner?

Read the following and extracted it because the info was so interesting – a remedy for non-organic produce.

I have not tried it.  Does anybody know anything?

My friends use oxygenator things where you put the produce in this container that plugs into the wall.  I’ve never used one.

So far, for hubby, we’ve stuck to organics.


“Email a FriendTrack this Message

Subject: No access to organic produce
Date: 05/16/2009

My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer last Wed.

We are researching options, she already discarded the surgery/radiation combo.

One of the challenges we have is that the is no access to organic produce in Venezuela where she lives, all is full of fertilizers and pestizides.

Any suggestions?  I am told that putting the veggies under the sun can purify somewhat?

Thank you in advance for any tips 

Email a Friend

Subject: RE: No access to organic produce
Date: 05/24/2009

Just wanted to report that I consulted a naturopatic doctor and she advise to grate, dry overnight and then grind radish, to be stored as a powder in the fridge.

This powder can then be used to soak veggies and removing toxins such as pesticides from them.”

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Green Tents Eco Tents

Buy Green: Camping Tents

Move into a tent made out of recycled PET bottles or even an authentic tepee on your next camping trip.

A green vacation in the great outdoors is above and beyond pitching a tent. No, camping may seem inherently green when you’re surrounded by wilderness and solitude, and enjoying the fresh, open air—but a responsible trip is more than a reservation at a campsite. It starts with buying the right tent.

In one market where you’d expect an extra interest in green goods, there’s a surprising lack of green options when it comes to camping tents. Most tents these days are still made of vinyl, or PVC, a plastic that’s dangerous both to your health and the environment. Both PVC-producing factories and the products themselves emit dioxins that can cause cancer, asthma, and birth defects, among other ailments. In other words, PVC is a key material to avoid when looking for green tents.”


CONCLUSION: These tents are not cheap – I would get a green tent after I’ve raided enough things to sell on ebay.

These five tents range from fashionable green designs to sturdy sustainable wonders to tepees made the ol’ fashioned way.

For more camping pointers check out our How to Go Green: Travel & Outdoors guide.

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Vedic City In Iowa

If you missed this on the travel channel, go to youtube and type in maharishi vedic city.

This is a newly incorporated city in Iowa in July 21, 2001.

Non-organics are illegal in this city.

Lifestyle is ayurvedic.

Children practise meditation as part of school curriculum.

Houses are built according to vedic philosophy.

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