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Update – Bill Henderson – Bio-dentistry

Haven’t been posting for a while – busy!  But, I will try to update as soon as I can. Basically, hubby has been following Bill Henderson’s protocol (  His site is very informative with great articles in the archives.

For instance, hubby will be looking a bio-dentist to check and possibly  undo what previous dentists have done to his gums/teeth, particularly root canals which, wrongly implemented, can harbor bacteria that later cause chronic sickness.

Again will try to gather my notes and post more on this later.

If you are looking for specific info, you can drop a note and I will try to send you what info I have, if you can’t find the same in my blog.

Will be back.  Good health to you and yours.


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Back to Bicarboante IVs

Nov 21 – Hubby had a 104 fever, was aching, sweating during sleep.  Royal said to see him if the fever did not reduce, but it did.  After a few days, fever went up to 102, went down.  Aches and pains got really bad, like he could not get up, was tired, and he hurt so much he could not sleep.  Was too uncomfortable to do anything.  Was very worrisome.  He decided to see Royal Nov 30 – tests showed a lot of red (green is good).  Went back on bicarb IV and was asked to come back next week and we did on Dec. 7 – was given B12 shot in scar where Hubby was burnt in arm as a child (scars cause energy blockage), shots (mixture of stuff) in areas where hubby was hurting etc. – for the next few days, hubby was still miserable, but we kept up juicing/blending, diet.  Dec 8 – bicarb IV.  Hubby sweated a little at night.  Dec 9 – bicarb IV.

Dec 9 – Hubby looked the best since the last couple of weeks, seems more energetic and is more upbeat.  We have also been diluting his juices/smoothies so that they are not as strong.  Hubby called (Anne Frahm) and was told Anne diluted her juices with water because they were too strong for her.  So we are trying that too on Hubby.

Will update.

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Last week, we started smoothies based on Victoria’s Boutenko’s categorizing of:

fruits and greens eg. apple and chard leaves (not apple and carrot but carrot leaves)

vegetable and greens (eg. any vegetable and chard leaves)

Hubby complained of a pinched nerve (?) in the back, went to Royal and he said to do the bicarb injection and see in a week, and maybe revise overall protocol.  Will update.

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Budwig Diet

Hubby is adding the Budwig diet to his juicing protocol.

Victoria Boutenko ( has great information in her books on juicing – on notable distinction she makes –

(I am paraphrasing)

– should fruits and vegetables be juiced/blended together?

VB says – there should be 3 categories –



greens (leaves of vegetables)

and VB says – greens can be combined with fruits, can be combined with vegetables (non-leafy).

She’s done it since 1993 and has had success after success with her family (out of five, four were very sick) and other people across the world.

Her books are available in local libraries.


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Update – Juicing Against Cancer

This is the second weekend of hubby’s more stringent protocol, using juicing to nourish and detox.

Last weekend – he was aching and in discomfort, sit up, lay down, just did not feel right, sort of fighting flu and not.  Then a couple of days later, he was feeling great.

He got disheartened thinking that those few days were a sign that he was not doing the right thing.   Then, we came upon this website (I have posted this separately) at where this lady decided against chemo from the moment she was diagnosed and, instead, nourished and detoxed her body – she is cancer-free, she does provide an email address so you can fact-check for yourself, which I have not done, but she did list similar symptoms that hubby was going through.  He got quite upset with those few days that we went to eat and he had beef hor fun and turnip and beef hot pot.  Oh well, we had a great time, saw 2012 too.

It was the next day,  we found Alice’s website, where she used Gerson therapy.  Hubby is back to protocol.  Today, started those symptoms again.  So, he is doing energy stuff, meditation, mind things, and continuing juicing.  Today, he had some fish and he actually felt better eating that.  I made a thermos of herbal tea (jasmine, hibiscus, rosehips, chamomile, peppermint, valerian) as most people have advocated sipping at good herbal teas through the day.

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Reiki – Pulse

Hubby had a reiki session today, short one, but he had the same Reiki practitioner before – she said energy was flowing in his abdomen and leg (the affected one) – that she felt a therapeutic pulse which was not there before.  Hubby is doing great!  This new protocol is doing something very right.

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Hubby Takes Control

This is hubby’s new protocol (with help from and Anne Frahm’s book, Cancer Battle Plan that he started on Nov 7, 2009.


Daily Protocol:

Essiac Tea (empty stomach) – up to 2 cups

(At least 15 mins later) – Vegetable juice (kale/collard/chard + carrot + beet + parsley +cilantro + red cabbage + celery + cauliflower + soy lecithin + amla berry powder/acerola berry powder (these last two provide Vitamin C) – 1 to 2 cups each time

OR Fruit juice  – green apple + kiwi + raspberry + amla berry powder/acerola berry powder – 1 to 2 cups each time (note: we use only very low sugar fruits)

Wheatgrass (the kind you buy in trays) – either mix with our Veg Juice, or by itself, maybe about 1-2 oz each time.

Daily powdered greens 1 -alfalfa + oatgrass + broccoli + carrot + spinach + rosehips + watercress + parsley + peppermint + ginseng and so many others – the combination changes – 1 tbsp each time, 3 -5 times daily (includes DPG2)

Daily powdered greens 2 – spirulina + chlorella + barley grass + wheatgrass + kelp – this we found from some guy who took it for his cancer and he found it very helpful – as you can see, this combination is more seaweed based. – 1 tbsp each time, 3-5 times daily (includes DPG1)

The Veg Juice dominates the daily protocol as it is a live food and we use only organics.

Daily herbs for liver, kidney, hormones (this last herb is taken only before bed).

System Cleanse Tea – about 3 times daily apart from the rest.

Daily reiki sessions, lymphatic exercises, meditation.

So far, this regime provides amazing energy.  Hubby’s eyes are so clear.

Note: Hubby does the juicing about every hour or within 2 hours, as long as he is constantly nourished, if he is feeling a craving or hunger, he probably has been too long before the next juice, so he monitors it very good.

Latest on Nov 15 2009 – he started a gall bladder cleanse that Anne Frahm uses in her book, Cancer Battle Plan.  Will update on this.



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Hubby Has Something To Say To Anyone Fighting Cancer

Hubby got really lazy about getting well, I guess he simply got tired of the whole situation.   Well, he is surrounded by very good people, like a volunteer therapist who did not give up on him.

I asked hubby if he would write something to let others know what he went through and here’s what he has to say about his dark period of fighting cancer:




“Nov. 4 2009


I had given up, I did not have the same fight I started with.  It had been weeks in the making and all along I’d been playing the role, but inside I was on empty.  Eating anything, staying up late and ignoring my herbal protocol but this is not the way to wage war on cancer.


I had experienced this type of rebellion in the past where I would forego my vigil, but would return quickly to the routine of focusing on the original cause.


As my body reacted to my negligence, sore muscles, sore bones, and no energy, I could hardly lift my legs much less move out of bed, typically for 4-6 days.


But this time, it was different.  My body was communicating, telling me this is it.  Either I want to live or I want to….


Giving up is not easy yet it felt so natural and effortless.  After all, I have been fighting since Nov. of last year beginning with my fight against candida which I won with the help of an ayurvedic doctor.


Laying in bed, finding some comfort every 20 minutes as I moved to ease pain in my back and all over, all I did was deplete any energy I had just to lay in bed.  Life sucked!


That’s when I decided I want to live.


My wife and her infinite support found a book called “The Cancer Battle Plan”.  I needed a new plan, a protocol, something intense yet effective.


Anne Frahm went through conventional treatment but that did not help her. She and her husband researched alternative options.  She went on a liquid diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, and other supplements.  Her protocol made sense.


From, my wife and I read up on juicing against cancer.


We decided.


Bombard the body with nutrition throughout the day, juicing, blending, Essiac, System Cleanse Tea, herbal supplements.  In other words, don’t provide an environment for the cancer cells to live and thrive, instead, nourish the body and increase immunity so that the body has more and more healthy cells, eventually overwhelming anything not needed.


Nov 7, 2009 – I begin to nourish and cleanse my body non-stop.


By day 4 (detox*), I was 90% and feeling great.  My body shed 10 pounds of useless fat and I am full of energy, almost too much energy.  Not only was I seeing physical results, but something about committing to and properly executing such a rigorous protocol was mentally satisfying.  Once again, I am being challenged and it feels good.  Physically I am full of energy and seeing amazing results. I look forward to getting out and about, planning our trips to the store, getting groceries to do more juicing, and I have been sleeping good.


*Detox – those 4 days were like fighting a flu with a one-ton stone on my body, I felt heavy, sore, had no energy, tired, could not sleep comfortably, and overall, I was  miserable.


Fighting against illness is extremely mental. I succumbed to irresponsibility, thinking “as long as it takes” was enough of a strategy so I did not have to do too much and yet was doing enough since that was the right thing to do.


I am back to claiming total responsibility for my own health.  I feel very good about my present protocol.”

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Essiac Tea – Lump on Face Dropped Off

As a result of hubby’s diet, I have been doing most of what he does.

Nov 1, Sun –  I started taking Essiac tea, maybe a cup a day in the morning on an empty stomach.  There is this little grey lump on my face that seemed to get larger in the last month.  I can actually pinch it and it used to be a lot flatter, like a birthmark sort of thing that did not seem too obvious.  But the grey thing was beginning to look like it had a life of its own.  I read up on Raspex which some people swore by but the ingredient of methylparaben concerned me.  I had been taking powdered herbs for the vital organs etc. and the system cleanse tea from but the grey pocket is still there – about a week later, I pinched the lump and something dropped off (I had been pinching at it), I checked the mirror and the lump was gone!  The only difference to my diet is the Essiac tea so I am continuing it as part of my health thing.  Maybe it was the Essiac, maybe it was the combination of what I am doing.

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Which Juicer To Use? Omega 8003!


This is the juicer that I use and like very much.  It is a masticating one.

I’ve used others, but they were all centrifugal and I don’t like them.

Main difference between the two kinds:

a masticating juicer chews the fruits and veggies just like your jaws chew food – what is left is very dry (I usually put the juiced part back into the juicer and run it again although this juicer does a great job the first time around)

a centrifugal juicer spins like a lunatic inside the bowl – the last one I used was an Omega centrifugal and after  a few weeks, it started hopping all over the counter,  and that was it for me.

I now love this Omega 8003 – mine is black and chrome:

– very gorgeous and solid looking, feels solid too

– quiet (80 rpm – generates very little heat)

– thorough squeezing of even grasses

– has other uses (making nut butter, pasta etc. – I have not tried       these options)

Masticating juices take longer to juice but does a great job, and at much less heat, which is what I like.  Some people say they have to cut the fruits and veggies into smaller pieces and that it takes time.  I don’t think so.  If you are making a whole jug (which I don’t, juice as I need to prevent loss of nutrients), yes, it may take longer but overall, the merits of this juicer override everything.  I love this juicer!

Also, great for wheatgrass.

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