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Hubby Stopped This Protocol

I wrote the date and I lost it, but I would say, about two months ago, hubby stopped Dr Tom Wu’s anticancer smoothie.  We monitored – probably the tomatoes started to bother him.  See Hubby’s Healing – Nov 7 – we started a new rigid protocol of juicing.


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Tom Wu and Carrots

My friend translated this from Wu’s book”

“-Contain 490 plant enzymes
-multiply healthy cells
-prevent DNA changes
-reduce cancer cells to grow
-reduce bad cholesterol
-contain glutathione repair and repair damage cells
-help to clear toxins especially liver toxins
-contain vitamin to prevent night blindness
-reduce high blood pressure”

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Dr Tom Wu – Scam?

There are “chinese” (Mandarin) sites that say Dr Tom Wu is a liar, is a conman.  I would take his recipes and discuss them with alternative health minded people and seek their opinions.   An herbalist I spoke to commented that his recipes were no more commonsense than so many smoothies.  I think so too.  So far, hubby is still doing Wu’s anticancer smoothie.  I see no harm.  He’s eating more fruits and vegetables anyway.  Well, I’m always searching for more good info.

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Increase Immunity – Dr Tom Wu

Another translation done by my friend from Dr Tom Wu’s book.



** Not suitable for diabetic patients  **


– lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure

– improve heart and liver circulation

Vegetables:                     Fruits

½  Beet Root                  ½ lemon

1 carrot                            2 tomatoes

¼ pineapple                   6 strawberries

½ apple

Water – 21/2 cup

Old ginger 5 slices

½  teaspoon flax seed

¼ sea salt

1 tablespoon white sesame


1) Cut Beet Root, carrot, tomatoes, apple, pineapple

2) Peel off lemon skin, keep the white layer, seed

3) Blend all the above

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Cancer Preventive (2) – Dr Tom Wu

Translation of this from Dr Tom Wu’s book is courtesy of a friend.


* Not suitable for those taking cholesterol medicine

* For cancer patient or those recovered from cancer, advisable to drink 6 glasses a day


1 beet root

2 carrot

½ piece corn or maze


2 red tomatoes

½ apple

¼ grapefruit

½ orange

1 lemon

2 & ½ cup purified water

¼ piece dry seaweed

2 tablespoon white sesame


1) Cut beet root, carrot & tomatoes into cube

2) Remove corn seeds for blending

3) Cut apple with skin, seed and stalk into cube

4) Peel off grapefruit, orange, lemon skin. Keep the white layer, flesh and seeds

5) Blend all ingredients

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Cancer Preventive (1) – Dr Tom Wu

Okay, translated from his book, courtesy of a dear friend who bought the book and took the time to do this.   Neither my friend nor I claim responsibility for the translation although my friend took the trouble to consult people in the alternative health business when she needed help with some of the ingredients/words mentioned in Dr Tom Wu’s book.\

If you look at the anticancer smoothie my hubby is using (from Dr Tom Wu via research on the internet), you will see that the formula below {and Cancer Preventive (2) } is different from my hubby’s.



Mascudine grape contain high resveratol – preventive of cancer


½ piece of beet root

1 carrot

1/8 red cabbage

½ cup of bean sprout


1 red tomato

2 cups of grapes with seed (prefer masculine grapes)

1 cup of Blueberry or 1/3 dry blueberry if fresh blueberry is not available

1 lemon

2 cups of purified water

3 tables of Gogi berries (lyceum barbarium)

5 slices of old ginger

5 brazil nuts

2 teaspoon flax seed

2 teaspoon bee pollen power


1) Peel off Beet Root skin, cut into cube

2) Cut carrot & tomato into cube

3) Peel off lemon skin, keep the white layer, fresh & seed

4) Blend all the above

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Tom Wu Smoothies

Good news – my friend has translated several recipes.  I will format them so I can post them into my blog.

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Dr Tom Wu – Anticancer Smoothie – Day 33

Day 33 since we started hubby on Dr Tom Wu’s anticancer smoothie.

So far, rest of the treatment includes:

bicarbonate IVs and injection

Vitamin C IV

Essiac Tea

Herbal supplements for major organs

Homeopathics to synchronize hubby’s meridians (that’s my understanding what they do)

Off and on system cleanse (tea), coffee enema, lymphatic wrap (around swelling in leg to re-distribute to other more efficient lymph areas)

Energy healing – reiki, shiatsu, cranial reflexology, meditation, prana breathing, rebounding

Overall, hubby feels great, looking at him, nobody guesses he can be unwell n any way.

His diet has remained the same – whole grains, vegetables, fruits, in the proper combinations.

Last week, Dr Royal measured the largest lump and it had gone down another 2 centimeters.  This was the baking potato sized one.

So far, so good.

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Anticancer Smoothie

This is from Ty Bollinger’s book, Cancer – Step Outside The Box – extract from Page 218.

“…cooking kills garlic’s cancer-fighting properties.  There are cases on record where cancer was beaten with a good detox program and garlic alone.  Here’s a powerful anti-cancer concoction: blend up some raw broccoli, garlic juice, onions and ginger.  If you can stand the taste, it’s one of the most potent cancer fighting concoctions anywhere – and the ingredients are available at your local grocery store.”


NOTOCHEMO’S CONCLUSION: I have not tried this smoothie, but it is another of those commonsense nutritional things that doctors don’t tell you about.

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Lecithin – Emulsifier – Brain Booster – Why Did Dr Tom Wu Include Lecithin In Anticancer Smoothie

NOWLecithinBecause of Dr Tom’s Anticancer Smoothie, I started researching lecithin.

Inside a health store, I saw three different lecithin, all from soy.

Almost bought the one that was GMO.

The other two were labeled Non-GMO, Non-GE.

Changed my mind, went home, researched.

There is a difference.  The package I picked up was likely GMO since it was not specified otherwise.

I went to the websites of the other two, surfed the net further.

I returned to the shop and bought the Non-GE lecithin.  It is the NOW brand (the label says “NOW Lecithin Granules are derived entirely from Non-Genetically Engineered (Non-GE) soybeans that have been identity preserved (IP).  This guarantees that the soybeans are from seedstock that has been certified as Non-GE.”)

Health shop or not, now, I readl all food labels.

So, what does lecithin do?  I wanted to know why Dr Tom Wu included it in his anticancer smoothie.

Here is a good link and explanation:

  • Lowering Cholesterol and Promoting Heart Health – Lecithin does work to move fat and bad cholesterol through the blood stream so it doesn’t stick to artery walls, thus keeping fat from clogging arteries.  For this reason lecithin does help lower bad cholesterol and help keep arteries from clogging up promoting improved cardiovascular health.  For years, doctors have prescribed adding lecithin to the diet to stay heart healthy with positive results.
  • Weight Loss – Because lecithin assists in the breakdown of fat it is believed to be beneficial for weight loss.  However, even though lecithin assists in keeping fat from attaching to artery walls, it doesn’t actually flush the fat from the system.  Lecithin is healthy for many reasons but researchers do not yet have proof that it will actually help you lose weight.
  • Liver Heath – Lecithin has been proven to be effective in liver health.  Because lecithin moves fat through the blood stream and breaks it own, it prevents fat from attaching to the liver.  This helps to prevent such liver diseases as cirrhosis.
  • Brain Function – Studies and tests have been effective in showing the benefits of lecithin on brain function health.  Lecithin provides an important substance that helps brain cells continue to communicate effectively.  It is this substance, called acetylcholine, which is found to be lacking in Alzheimer’s patients.  Increasing lecithin in the diet can help not only those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but also boost memory for people as they age.
  • Reproductive Health – Lecithin is important for fetus development in the womb, especially for the development of the brain and nervous system.  Pregnant women should consult their doctor before adding lecithin to their diet.
  • Other Benefits – Lecithin contains essential fatty acids that decrease the risk of cell membranes hardening.  For this reason it may be beneficial in helping reduce the pain of arthritis.  It has also been found to promote gallbladder health and prevent gallstones.  Some even believe lecithin helps boost performance in endurance sports, although this has yet to be proven.
  • How to Add Lecithin to Your Diet – Your body only needs 30 to 50 grams of lecithin each day to enjoy its health benefits.  You can easily get this through eating foods which contain lecithin such as egg yoke, wheat germ, soybeans, fish, legumes, peanuts, whole grains and yeast.  Supplements in capsule form are also available as well as powder or granules which can be added to food.  Taken in small doses, lecithin has no side-effects.  However, if taken in high doses it can cause diarrhea, weight gain, headache, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, vomiting and dizziness.  Always talk to your doctor first before adding any supplements to your diet.”
  • __________________

CONCLUSION: Just because it says soy, does not mean real soy.  I used to think, soy, wow, great, because I was raised on a lot of soy.  But here in USA, soy has become a contaminated, gene modified, no-longer-the-food-intended-by-nature vegetable.

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