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Photo shows us in Penang, Bao Sheng Durian Farm, my hubby loves durians! Owner’s farm faces glorious sunset.

I decided I would start a blog to share our anticancer journey when results were positive.  2008, hubby discovered a lump(s).  It was small enough not to bother – he was checked by an ayurvedic doctor and was treated for candida for the next few months since late 2008 through March 2009.  The lumps were officially diagnosed as lymphoma earlier this year and two specialists prescribed chemo as the only option.  We began researching alternative treatment.  We started Essiac tea, bicarbonate and Vitamin C IVs, herbal formulas, Reiki, Shiatsu, cranial reflexology – t0 name the major part of treatment.  At the time that I started this blog, the lump had decreased somewhat.  I now understand that cancer is toxemia and cannot survive in an alkaline environment – the compromised immune system must be repaired.  I would like to share what we have learned with anybody interested in what we researched and used for our anticancer journey. (Update: August – the largest lump has decreased to less than 1/3 the original size and has softened.)

UPDATE:  October 10 2009 – Hubby stopped the bicarb and Vit. C two weeks ago, so he is now solely on Essiac, herbs for the vital organs, good diet, energy healings (reiki, meditation etc.), Wu’s smoothie.  He is doing great, and as our meditation goes, “he is in perfect health.”

UPDATE: Nov 13 2009 – Nov. 4, hubby seemed to be fighting some cold.  That Saturday, Nov. 6, hubby made up his mind to go back to a very strict protocol of fruits, vegetables, herbal supplements.  We got a new book by Anne Frahm (available in local library).  See Hubby’s Healing for update on this latest protocol.

UPDATE: Feb 27 2010 – Early Jan this year, hubby has been using Bill Henderson’s protocol from his book, Cancer Free – great book. Will update this in “Hubby’s Healing” when I get a chance.



  1. Our very best wishes to you both. We lost our nephew 2 years ago due to cancer. We didn’t know until his last days otherwise we would have tried something different.

    I am currently reading Dr Wus’ book (in chinese) in order to get better from my Hep B and general health. Searching for a 3 hp blender is not easy due to the amount of information on the issue. Thinking of getting the Blendtec 13Amp blender to use with Dr Wu’s recipes.

    Good luck from Oz.


    Comment by Adam | October 1, 2009 | Reply

    • I am sorry to hear about your nephew. Thank you for letting me know (and others reading this) that you appreciate “something different”. We started our healing journey with information from here and there, only on the premise that we decided against chemo. An herbalist said to us, usually, it takes a month of healing for every year the disease has been in our bodies. As I know understand it, healing against all diseases begin with boosting the immune system which originally is able to defend the body. Regarding the 3hp blender, maybe you can read my post “Dr Tom Wu – Dr Simon Yu” where I contacted Dr Simon Yu about the blender. Also, my blender is a Vitamix 5200 (2hp). Vitamix explained that the 3hp is a commercial blender and that the blender is still primarily 2hp, and the other 1hp is for cooling the fan (in a commercial environment, the constant use in the course of one day requires extra cooling of this fan). One thing I have learned through my husband’s healing journey – herbs are very powerful. I started myself on herbs and a great site is – although she cured herself of lupus and cancer through herbs, she says general health begins with feeding the body with proper nutrition (and since most of our food is so deficient), and herbs are food. Purifying the blood for instance is something I have learned about – for instance, kelp removes radiation (from food, environment etc.) from our bodies, cilantro and parsley clean the blood, so does alfalfa (which has almost complete in nutrition). I now know that we need to balance our hormones, increase our greens, feed our vital organs, and cleanse the body. I just finished a Herbalogy class and hope to put up my notes in my blog as soon as I have them organized. Again, thank you for posting here. I am sure many people appreciate your input.

      Comment by notochemo | October 4, 2009 | Reply

      • Thanks for the reply and keep up the GREAT WORK.

        Lots and lots of best wishes (and juice ^_^)


        Comment by Adam | October 14, 2009

  2. Hi,

    Chanced upon this website. Great info here and thanks for sharing. i think what’s written here is also good information for anyone who is seeking for healthier body and mind. Keep writing! 🙂

    Comment by Hi from Malaysia | October 10, 2009 | Reply

    • Hey, I’m from Singapore. Thanks for the note. Very much appreciated.

      Comment by notochemo | October 10, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hi,

    My sister had dagnoased with breast cancer at her 6 months pregnancy now. Thus, pregnancy does cause more complication in treatment, We are reading Dr.Tom WU’s book and thinking to try on his way of anti cancer jorney. I saw ur post that ur hubby had stopped Dr.WU’s juicer. May i know why?

    Comment by ripley | December 3, 2009 | Reply

    • You will see more details in “Hubby’s Healing”, but briefly, we can only guess. Hubby started getting heartburn. One day, we had tomatoes and rice (I only use organic brown rice or white rice), and he experienced heartburn. Again, another day, and we tested. Tomatoes and rice or something. Heartburn. We tried tomatoes (like a spaghetti sauce) and pasta, and hubby was fine. But we stopped that anyway. He was continuing the shake (Wu’s recipe had tomatoes) and again, heartburn. Hubby stopped the shake. No heartburn. While researching smoothies, we read through Anne Frahm’s “Cancer Battle Plan” and recently, Victoria Boutenko’s ( books, we think it was the combination of tomatoes with the other ingredients inside Wu’s anticancer smoothie (note – the Wu anticancer smoothie recipe I have is from the internet and is different from the one my friend translated from his book). Anyhow, Victoria Boutenko says there shld be three categories (excluding meat totally) – fruits, vegetables, and greens (means the leaves) and she says you can mix fruits and greens, and greens and vegetables. We have since refined our juicing and blending to this last combination for the last week, so far, so good, and have added the Budwig combination of flax oil and cottage cheese, and will be adding oatmeal, brown rice for small meals in between. Hubby was doing exceptionally well when he switched to total juicing a few weeks ago, and then he seemed to be detoxing – aches and pains, fever etc., and now the fevers are gone, but he aches here and there, he is back to seeing Royal who is monitoring him, but we will be continuing with juicing (instant nourishment and easy to digest), blending (instant nourishment and easy to digest and is filling), and other whole grain meals, and Budwig. We choose low sugar fruits and vegetables (except for carrots which are high glucose but since they also contain cancer fighting properties, we understand that the cancer cells will ingest the glucose readily and therefore, also the cancer fighting stuff.) If you go to my blog where it says Important Books, Movies and Website, you will see that there are other sites that may help you. Please contact me if I can help in any way.

      Comment by notochemo | December 4, 2009 | Reply

  4. Thanks and apprecaite ur time in replying my request! My sister had seeing a nutritionist last week. Same as Dr.Tom WU explaination, different blood type got to be different fruit&vege, the nutritionist provides us a list of do’s and dont’s fruit& vege for Blood type O. So, she just bought a blender last week and she going to mix- match the fruit&vege that provided by the nutritionist. She had done the chemo last wednesday and will to monitor her result of the smootie. I will read ur blog on the webbie u suggested. Thanks again for sharing info with me.

    Comment by ripley | December 14, 2009 | Reply

  5. Thank you for sharing the experiences you and your husband other having. Thank you for researching all this for those of us who are not particularly research savvy. I have been to Dr Royal and have the utmost regard and respect for him. A family member overseas is working to rid themselves of cancer and I am in my own fight with something else. Neither of us can read Dr Wu’s work so it is nice that your friend took the time to translate part of his work

    Comment by Mara | January 19, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks, Mara, for dropping a note. Just to let you know, hubby stopped Wu’s protocol – somehow the fermentation of the smoothie no longer worked for him. I have not been posting for a while – been busy with life and hubby. He’s switched his protocol somewhat and mostly it’s from Bill Henderson’s Cancer Free book. I hope to post more of this soon. Although the book is titled Cancer, the book is good for general health. Hubby started a couple of the supplements which are helping tremendously. Like I said, I hope to post his new protocol as soon as possible. Wish you only perfect health! Keep in touch.

      Comment by notochemo | January 20, 2010 | Reply

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