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Coconut Ghee

I’ve switched from my regular Nutiva coconut which I used to get from amazon for $21-$23 a 54 oz jar (vendor was and shipping was $.99 per item)  to the large gallon bottle in the picture.

Got this from, they’re in Nebraska – $39, plus shipping, total about $50 – worth every penny. Weighs like an elephant, incredible flavor. Totally organic – 75% coconut oil, 25% grassfed beef ghee – if you ever thought pure coconut oil was too coconut in flavor, this coconut ghee is the perfect oil for anything, including spreading on toast (when I toast my Ezekiel, I spread this coconut ghee and sprinkle a little toast, brings out the CG totally).

If you go to, you will read all about good oils. The small bottle in the photo used to be a 16oz ghee from Wholefoods for $8.99 – it got really expensive although I loved the flavor and ghee is so healthy.

This coconut ghee is now my regular cooking and non-cooking oil.

Also, I use it on my face as a moisturizer after I clean my face.  It’s desert winter now so it’s a good time to test this “new” moisturizer” – this coconut ghee works for me, my skin does not pull tight by afternoon.  I used to use Aubrey Organics Rosa Marqueta moisturizer, not any more, I love this coconut ghee.


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