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Update – Juicing Against Cancer

This is the second weekend of hubby’s more stringent protocol, using juicing to nourish and detox.

Last weekend – he was aching and in discomfort, sit up, lay down, just did not feel right, sort of fighting flu and not.  Then a couple of days later, he was feeling great.

He got disheartened thinking that those few days were a sign that he was not doing the right thing.   Then, we came upon this website (I have posted this separately) at where this lady decided against chemo from the moment she was diagnosed and, instead, nourished and detoxed her body – she is cancer-free, she does provide an email address so you can fact-check for yourself, which I have not done, but she did list similar symptoms that hubby was going through.  He got quite upset with those few days that we went to eat and he had beef hor fun and turnip and beef hot pot.  Oh well, we had a great time, saw 2012 too.

It was the next day,  we found Alice’s website, where she used Gerson therapy.  Hubby is back to protocol.  Today, started those symptoms again.  So, he is doing energy stuff, meditation, mind things, and continuing juicing.  Today, he had some fish and he actually felt better eating that.  I made a thermos of herbal tea (jasmine, hibiscus, rosehips, chamomile, peppermint, valerian) as most people have advocated sipping at good herbal teas through the day.


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