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This is hubby’s new protocol (with help from and Anne Frahm’s book, Cancer Battle Plan that he started on Nov 7, 2009.


Daily Protocol:

Essiac Tea (empty stomach) – up to 2 cups

(At least 15 mins later) – Vegetable juice (kale/collard/chard + carrot + beet + parsley +cilantro + red cabbage + celery + cauliflower + soy lecithin + amla berry powder/acerola berry powder (these last two provide Vitamin C) – 1 to 2 cups each time

OR Fruit juice  – green apple + kiwi + raspberry + amla berry powder/acerola berry powder – 1 to 2 cups each time (note: we use only very low sugar fruits)

Wheatgrass (the kind you buy in trays) – either mix with our Veg Juice, or by itself, maybe about 1-2 oz each time.

Daily powdered greens 1 -alfalfa + oatgrass + broccoli + carrot + spinach + rosehips + watercress + parsley + peppermint + ginseng and so many others – the combination changes – 1 tbsp each time, 3 -5 times daily (includes DPG2)

Daily powdered greens 2 – spirulina + chlorella + barley grass + wheatgrass + kelp – this we found from some guy who took it for his cancer and he found it very helpful – as you can see, this combination is more seaweed based. – 1 tbsp each time, 3-5 times daily (includes DPG1)

The Veg Juice dominates the daily protocol as it is a live food and we use only organics.

Daily herbs for liver, kidney, hormones (this last herb is taken only before bed).

System Cleanse Tea – about 3 times daily apart from the rest.

Daily reiki sessions, lymphatic exercises, meditation.

So far, this regime provides amazing energy.  Hubby’s eyes are so clear.

Note: Hubby does the juicing about every hour or within 2 hours, as long as he is constantly nourished, if he is feeling a craving or hunger, he probably has been too long before the next juice, so he monitors it very good.

Latest on Nov 15 2009 – he started a gall bladder cleanse that Anne Frahm uses in her book, Cancer Battle Plan.  Will update on this.




November 15, 2009 - Posted by | Hubby's Healing, Recipes

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