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Hubby Has Something To Say To Anyone Fighting Cancer

Hubby got really lazy about getting well, I guess he simply got tired of the whole situation.   Well, he is surrounded by very good people, like a volunteer therapist who did not give up on him.

I asked hubby if he would write something to let others know what he went through and here’s what he has to say about his dark period of fighting cancer:




“Nov. 4 2009


I had given up, I did not have the same fight I started with.  It had been weeks in the making and all along I’d been playing the role, but inside I was on empty.  Eating anything, staying up late and ignoring my herbal protocol but this is not the way to wage war on cancer.


I had experienced this type of rebellion in the past where I would forego my vigil, but would return quickly to the routine of focusing on the original cause.


As my body reacted to my negligence, sore muscles, sore bones, and no energy, I could hardly lift my legs much less move out of bed, typically for 4-6 days.


But this time, it was different.  My body was communicating, telling me this is it.  Either I want to live or I want to….


Giving up is not easy yet it felt so natural and effortless.  After all, I have been fighting since Nov. of last year beginning with my fight against candida which I won with the help of an ayurvedic doctor.


Laying in bed, finding some comfort every 20 minutes as I moved to ease pain in my back and all over, all I did was deplete any energy I had just to lay in bed.  Life sucked!


That’s when I decided I want to live.


My wife and her infinite support found a book called “The Cancer Battle Plan”.  I needed a new plan, a protocol, something intense yet effective.


Anne Frahm went through conventional treatment but that did not help her. She and her husband researched alternative options.  She went on a liquid diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, and other supplements.  Her protocol made sense.


From, my wife and I read up on juicing against cancer.


We decided.


Bombard the body with nutrition throughout the day, juicing, blending, Essiac, System Cleanse Tea, herbal supplements.  In other words, don’t provide an environment for the cancer cells to live and thrive, instead, nourish the body and increase immunity so that the body has more and more healthy cells, eventually overwhelming anything not needed.


Nov 7, 2009 – I begin to nourish and cleanse my body non-stop.


By day 4 (detox*), I was 90% and feeling great.  My body shed 10 pounds of useless fat and I am full of energy, almost too much energy.  Not only was I seeing physical results, but something about committing to and properly executing such a rigorous protocol was mentally satisfying.  Once again, I am being challenged and it feels good.  Physically I am full of energy and seeing amazing results. I look forward to getting out and about, planning our trips to the store, getting groceries to do more juicing, and I have been sleeping good.


*Detox – those 4 days were like fighting a flu with a one-ton stone on my body, I felt heavy, sore, had no energy, tired, could not sleep comfortably, and overall, I was  miserable.


Fighting against illness is extremely mental. I succumbed to irresponsibility, thinking “as long as it takes” was enough of a strategy so I did not have to do too much and yet was doing enough since that was the right thing to do.


I am back to claiming total responsibility for my own health.  I feel very good about my present protocol.”


November 14, 2009 - Posted by | Hubby's Healing

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