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Cancer Fighting Strategies

As part of acclerating hubby’s healing, we are researching this website – it has very good info for all kinds of cancer and I am still trying to research what I have found on NHL.  Hubby is probably going to try the Lymph Drainage, possibly the oxygen and we will look into zeolites and glyconutrients.  (Update: Nov. 7 – no, not doing this, we have decided on a strict juicing/blending diet for at least two weeks, plus herbs, plus energy sessions, will update on this.)

UPDATE: Nov 17, 2009 – Around Oct., hubby stopped Wu’s smoothie – it seemed tomatoes were troubling him (maybe it was the fermentation aspect).  Nov. 7, hubby started a rigid juicing/blending (either fruits or vegs, he did not mix both) along with his herbs, energy sessions.  As at today, he is feeling fantastic.  The Wu treatment might have plateaued and his body needed a new strategy.  I have more details of this new protocol under Hubby’s Healing.


Protocol For Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

The products are listed in order of importance to help you determine what may be the most important supplements to use. Depending upon your budget, you can then decide on what to do.  Of course, the more products you can use, the faster you can improve. If you have a lot of cancer, you have to make sure to be taking enough supplements to kill off the cancers cells faster then they can replicate.

These supplements are much more effective than your typical cancer fighting supplements or medications. So taking even a few of them can get the job done.

Suggested Protocol – 1 month’s supply:

The numbers in front of the products name represent the number of bottles to use each month for an Early (E)Advanced (A) or, Very Advanced (VA) case of cancer. Very advanced cancer is when there is a LOT of cancer in the body, but someone is still able to get around, has some energy still, etc. If someone is worse than this, go to the end stage protocol below.

E  /  A  /  VA

Energized Elixirs — based on Ayurvedic Traditional Medicine, these remedies are created by imbuing artesian waters with the energies and vibrations of special healing stones, gems and precious metals, establishing an energetic, vibrational message in the water that is transferred to the bodies cells, creating harmonic resonance and deep healing.

1  /  2  /  3 bottles Creation Elixir – Operates at the highest level in terms of its capacity to stop the pathological sequence of all disease. It provides a natural and completely effective method of stopping the negative reciprocating cycle of inflammation and cell destruction that leads to chronic ill health. All disease is based on these negative reciprocating cycles that build on themselves. This causes the body to be trapped in disease cycles that our body’s innate mechanisms cannot stop without some sort of input. The frequency vibrations instilled in Creation Elixir are able to halt these negative disease causing inflammation and cellular destruction cycles that destroy health in a much more effective manner than anything else available in mainstream or alternative medicine.

2  /  3  /  3 bottles Custom Elixir RAD – This custom Elixir has been imbued with vibrations from healing stones found in the SW USA. 100% of the strength of the vibration in RAD is directed towards eliminating cancer and pathogens such as candida, viruses, molds and mycoplasma.
RAD vibrational energy simply overwhelms the low energetics of the cancerous cells and pathogenic vibrations until they no longer are able to survive.n.

2  /  3  /  4 bottles OxyDHQ – Significantly stronger than our original OxyE. It is fortified with 15% sea-ormus, Vitamin C, a plant source enzyme blend, Dihydroquercetin (DHQ) from Siberian Larch and Dissolved Oxygen (from D2So4 in solution at 6%)

In the body, OxyDHQ stimulates the on going process of oxidation and reduction. During this process, the release of free oxygen and hydrogen will help to stabilize toxic elements in the body by polar bonding and electrical charge. The toxins are then soluble and can be eliminated by the body. It assists in bringing the pH level to a neutral 7 as well.

4  / 13 / 13 bottles UltraImmune9 – A special blend of nine different medicinal mushrooms that boost immune system response against cancer more powerfully than any other mushroom supplement we have yet found. Uses in high doses, this is one of the top, if not the top, supplements for fighting cancer.

3  /  6  /  9 bottles Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ– Zeolite on its own is an excellent heavy metal detoxifier, and the special manufacturing process used to make Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ puts zeolite molecules inside the highest quality water processed humic and fulvic acid molecules. Humic acid is noted for enhancing the transportation of minerals, including zeolite, throughout the body and into cells – enabling it to detoxify better and to reach more unwanted cells. Both humic and fulvic acid and DHQ are also excellent pathogen killers and prevent any possible bacterial contamination. In fact, DHQ is the best natural food preservative there is, and may one day replace the toxic food preservatives in your foods. It has only recently been introduced into the USA but has a long history of research and use in Russia as a preservative and as a health product.

1  /  1  /  2   Methylglyoxal Combo (1 bottle MG Concentrate & 3 bottles Koch Energy)
MG concentrate –
Supplies methylglyoxal to your cells. One of its functions is to put on the brakes and slow the proliferation of cells.
Koch Energy –
A homeopathic-type remedy that stimulates the body to produce methylglyoxal in cells.

3  /  4  /  5 bottles Seasonal Rescue – Seasonal Rescue supports and enhances the ability of the liver, kidneys and lymph system to detoxify. More importantly, at the same time it boosts the immune system to fight infections, and any other situation where the immune system needs to kick in. This very potent herbal formulation works best when you load up on it, taking 5 tablets five or six times a day, but even one bottle per month is useful. Ingredients: Schizandra, Lavender Flower, Jamaican Dogwood, Lime Flower, Astragalus, Anise Seed, Suma, Cats Claw, Zinc Citrate, Caraway Seed, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Vitamin C, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Hyssop, Turmeric, Wasabi Japonica, and Cayenne.

1  /  2  /  2 bottles Lymph Drainage – This homeopathic formula has been used for years by natural doctors to increase drainage and movement in the lymph system. It contains over 26 different homeopathic remedies designed to enhance the ability of the lymph system to do its job without getting clogged up with toxins. Use Lymph Drainage to support the detoxification process in your body.

Homeopathic formulation: Scrophularia Nodosa 1x, Teucrium Scorodonia 1x , Baptisia Tinctoria 1x, Citrus Limonen 1x, Echinacea Angustifolia 1x, Phytolacca Decandra 3x, Wild Indigo 3x, Lobelia Inflata 3x, Pinus Sylvestris 3x, Manganese (Potentized Ionic mineral) 3x, Copper (Potentized Ionic mineral) 3x, Zinc (Potentized Ionic mineral) 3x, Thuja Occidentalis 4x, Larch (Flower Essence) 4x, Centaury (Flower Essence) 4x, Hornbeam (Flower Essence) 4x, Capsicum Annua 6x, Lymph 6x, Spleen 6x, Thymus 6x, Aranea Diadema 8x, Arsenicum Iodatum 8x, Lachesis Mutus 8x .

1 /  3  /  3 containers Immune Power Herbal Formula – Immune Pow

2 er Herbal Formula contains 15 different herbs in proprietary combination — all the herbs being safe and non-toxic. Developed by a Ph D researcher working with the best herbs from several different cultures, Immune Power Herbal Formula is a powerful immune system booster, cleanses the blood, and is a potent anti-inflammatory.
Organically Grown: Dandelion Leaf, Rose Petel, Milfoil, Verbania, Orange Peel, Hyssop, Red Raspberry Leaf, Angelica, Shavegrass, Ginseng, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Violet, Cleavers, Red Clover, Burdock.

To prevent the cancer from returning, you will need to continue on a reduced protocol for an additional year. This will give your body time to heal itself and adjust the internal environment to one in which cancer cannot thrive. You would cut the number of products by one third and reduce their dosages by one third for another 6 months once the cancer is gone. For the final 6 months, you would once again reduce the number of products and their dosages by half.


There is an end stage to cancer that involves severe catabolic wasting.  The liver stops functioning, the body no longer makes protein, muscle mass and body weight drops significantly.

At this stage, the body needs organ system support and thorough detoxification. It cannot handle killing off of cancer cells too fast. So a different group of products needs to be used in this case. Whether or not there is catabolic wasting. So if a loved one is in bad shape, with not much longer to live, rather than using products that just kill a bunch of cancer cells, you need to focus on the products below. They kill cancer cells, just not so rapidly, and they support the body. Otherwise, you could overload the detoxification system with dead cancer cells which would be too much to handle.

So, use the following group of products for 4 months before moving on to more powerful cancer killers. This will give the body time to get stronger and better able to handle the large amount of dead cancer cells that come with using some of the cancer killers listed above.

1 month supply

10 containers Fulvitea
4  bottles Creation Elixir
4  bottles Regenerative Elixir
1  Elixir Combo All 13
5  bottles PRP Factor
9  bottles GeProCoQ10
4  bottles Life Support
3  bottles Zormus
2  bottles Lymph Drainage

The top 3 products are available as the End Stage Combo

End Stage Combo:

3  bottles Creation Elixir
4  bottles Regenerative Elixir
10  containers Fulvitea

If the cancer has spread to any other organs, we suggest using products for detoxifying the liver, kidneys, colon and lymph system.
For the liver, add on Liver Balance Plus, 5 bottles for 1 month’s supply andUltraLiver8, 4 bottles for 1 month’s supply .
For the kidneys, add on Kidney Rescue, 2 bottles for 1 month’s supply.
For the lymph system, add on Lymph Drainage, 2 bottles for 1 month’s supply .
For the colon, add on Para Cleanse and Colon Booster, 1 set per month.

Some other things you can do to help fight cancer inexpensively would be:

— Take a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water half an hour before every meal —  this helps alkalinize the body (This is not important if you are taking pH Balancer 8.0)

— Take 8 TBS. good-quality refrigerated flaxseed oil (Barleans is recommended) stirred into one cup of organic cottage cheese daily. (You could also use 16 TBS. ground flax seed in place of the oil.) Keep refrigerated. This thins the blood, which increases circulation, makes cell walls soft and flexible so they contain more oxygen and nutrients, and promotes detoxification.  The cottage cheese helps with the assimilation of the flax oil. Stir well. We highly recommend you reduce or eliminate the amount of vegetable oil consumed in your diet.


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