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Cancer Preventive (1) – Dr Tom Wu

Okay, translated from his book, courtesy of a dear friend who bought the book and took the time to do this.   Neither my friend nor I claim responsibility for the translation although my friend took the trouble to consult people in the alternative health business when she needed help with some of the ingredients/words mentioned in Dr Tom Wu’s book.\

If you look at the anticancer smoothie my hubby is using (from Dr Tom Wu via research on the internet), you will see that the formula below {and Cancer Preventive (2) } is different from my hubby’s.



Mascudine grape contain high resveratol – preventive of cancer


½ piece of beet root

1 carrot

1/8 red cabbage

½ cup of bean sprout


1 red tomato

2 cups of grapes with seed (prefer masculine grapes)

1 cup of Blueberry or 1/3 dry blueberry if fresh blueberry is not available

1 lemon

2 cups of purified water

3 tables of Gogi berries (lyceum barbarium)

5 slices of old ginger

5 brazil nuts

2 teaspoon flax seed

2 teaspoon bee pollen power


1) Peel off Beet Root skin, cut into cube

2) Cut carrot & tomato into cube

3) Peel off lemon skin, keep the white layer, fresh & seed

4) Blend all the above


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