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Update – Hubby’s progress

The last few days, hubby said he felt like his body was fighting a cold, aches here and then.  He has been using the System Cleanse ( and from what we understand, cleansing can be draining on the body so we will wait and see how he feels tomorrow.  I started the System Cleanse too, and I have been cleaning out!  Angela says, do the cleanse for six weeks, take two weeks off and start again.

Yesterday, hubby did a coffe enema, and he may do that again tomorrow.  In herbal books, enemas are supposed to be a great way to flush out toxins from the body.  I haven’t tried this.

Diet-wise, hubby has been disciplined, but he did have some cookies today, organic ingredients and the sugar was cane sugar.  I don’t think he should have eaten them, even though he had very few.  Sometimes, his diet is so blah I don’t know how he does it.

I intend to make up another batch of greens comprising of alfalfa, barley grass and peppermint (helps with digestion) .  Our current powdered greens contain a lot of ingredients, see below.

Amazing Greens

Young Barley Grass

Alfalfa Leaf





Bee Pollen

Royal Jelly






Peppermint Leaf

Yerba Mate




Red Raspberry Leaf

Apple Pectin

Siberian Ginseng

L. Acidolphilus

I got this mixture from Angela Harris’ Amazing Greens that she sells pre-packaged in her store.  We drink a tbsp of this in water before our meals.


September 20, 2009 - Posted by | Hubby's Healing

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