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Dr Tom Wu – Anticancer Smoothie – Day 33

Day 33 since we started hubby on Dr Tom Wu’s anticancer smoothie.

So far, rest of the treatment includes:

bicarbonate IVs and injection

Vitamin C IV

Essiac Tea

Herbal supplements for major organs

Homeopathics to synchronize hubby’s meridians (that’s my understanding what they do)

Off and on system cleanse (tea), coffee enema, lymphatic wrap (around swelling in leg to re-distribute to other more efficient lymph areas)

Energy healing – reiki, shiatsu, cranial reflexology, meditation, prana breathing, rebounding

Overall, hubby feels great, looking at him, nobody guesses he can be unwell n any way.

His diet has remained the same – whole grains, vegetables, fruits, in the proper combinations.

Last week, Dr Royal measured the largest lump and it had gone down another 2 centimeters.  This was the baking potato sized one.

So far, so good.


September 6, 2009 - Posted by | Dr Tom Wu, Hubby's Healing

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