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Anticancer – Cats Claw – Immune Booster

Heard through a friend of a man who was diagnosed with cancer and his doctor told him the usual – chemo, you’ve got so many months etc.

The man apparently refused treatment and fed himself with a month’s worth of cats claw.

When he returned to the doctor, the doctor asked him to continue whatever he was doing.

I decided to look up – she had the following recipe as an immune booster (listed as IS – Immune System) under Herb Protocols:

3 parts cats claw @ $1.80 per oz

1 part pau d’arco @$.68 per oz

1 part astragalus root @$1.18 per oz

Total I paid $7.26 to make up the bottle you see (used to be Maranatha Almond Butter 32 oz)

Since our Immune Plus (from Angela’s store – main ingredient is Colostrum) need replenishment, we decided to give the IS a try.


That’s my capsule machine.


September 6, 2009 - Posted by | Healthy Alert, Hubby's Healing, No To Chemo

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