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Soapnuts? It’s For Real, A Fruit That Does Your Laundry!

Soap Nuts?  Thank goodness for the internet.

Is this your first time too?  Just the name intrigued me.



Soap Nuts in General

By Matt Johnson

In the jungles of countries like India and Nepal soap nut trees grow. Sapindus is the species which includes many sub species that grown in tropical  zones. Many people think soap nuts are nuts, but in fact, they are not nuts at all, but a fruit.  The name most likely came from its pit, which resembles a nut.

Soapy substances called saponins are found in the outer shells of soap nuts. These saponins have the effect of detergents when mixed with water. Each fruit of the soap nut tree contains one, two or three seeds and the fruit itself has a leathery texture and a yellowish or blackish color. They are used frequently, both medicinally and as detergents.

If you overhear any expert talking about renewable detergents, then it is soap nuts that they are referring to. These tiny fruits that grow on soap nut trees are actually very useful for many purposes.

As detergents:

Did you know that soap nuts make an excellent natural laundry detergent? Unlike the harsh detergents that are sold commercially by many manufacturers, these natural detergents are effective, as well as gentle. They do not contain bleaching agents. You can use them safely with or colored clothes. Laundry done with them is chemical free. The laundry also comes outodorless.

Can you believe that a product that grows on soap nut trees can actually be used to get your clothes clean? Fine wool, linen, silks, cotton, they work well on all. The next time you have a tubful of dirty clothes, just grab a bag of soap nuts. You will have freshly washed clothes free of harmful chemicals.

For medicinal purposes:

They are also used to relieve conditions like eczema and psoriasis. They do not contain any chemicals that irritate the skin. Soap nuts are frequently used by people with extremely sensitive skin. They have a unique anti-microbial property that helps kill germs and reduce skin problems. What’s more, soap nuts are also used as cleansers and homemade shampoos to remove lice.

Other benefits:

In addition to these benefits, they are used by jewelers to remove the tarnish from old pieces of metal, like silver. They are also used to clean up contaminated soil in many places.”


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