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Anticancer Dip – Alkalizing Dip

We have become adventurous with dips – it’s a great way to eat raw vegetables and replaces store-bought sauces filled with corn syrup, sugar and additives.


Ty Bollinger’s book, Cancer – Step Outside The Box – Extract, Page 226

“We have begun to love a mixture of tomatoes, red peppers, avocados, onions, garlic, oregano, cilantro, lime juice, and extra-virgin olive oil.  I put it in the food processor for about thirty seconds and then we spread it on vegetables and flax crackers.  The kiddos affectionately call it “Daddy Dip.”  This mixture is highly alkalizing to the body, and it also tastes good.  Why  do we combine these specific veggies?

Tomatoes – contain lycopene, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and carotenoid, and also very alkaline!

Red peppers – high in vitamin C and beta carotene and very alkaline

Avocados – an excellent source of Omega-3 fats and very alkaline

Garlic – contains diallyl sulfide (chemically similar to DMSO) and ajoene (induces apoptosis in cancer cells) – a powerful oxygen transport enhance and anticarcinogen – also one of the most powerful antifungals in the world.

Oregano – extremely potent antioxidant and alkaline as well

Cilantro –helps remove (chelate) heavy metals

Lime juice – adds a “zest” to the mixture and highly alkaline

Olive oil – contains vitamin E, vitamin A, chlorophyll, magnesium and a ton of other nutrients.

Two important things to remember about plant foods: 1) eat them raw – cooking over 112 degreees destroys the enzymes, and 2) eat organic fruits and vegetables (if possible) – conventionally grown plant foods have likely been sprayed with toxic pesticides.”


NOTOCHEMO’S CONCLUSION:  There’s so much anticancer info out there that no matter what we do, I feel, as long as we stick to the basics of good nutrition (herbs should be researched carefully), dips are an easy way to eat healthfully.


August 30, 2009 - Posted by | Stuff I Researched

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