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50 Ways To Increase Enzymes In Your Diet

Interesting list about enzymes (if you go to the link, she provides recipes where indicated)”

“50 Ways To Increase Enzymes In Your Diet

1. Fresh watermelon
2. Raw milk
3. Naturally fermented sauerkraut
4. Dried fruit (raisins, cherries, blueberries, bananas, dried at a low temperature)
5. Sushi
6. Oysters on the half shell (see my recipe)
7. Essene bread (a sprouted grain bread baked at a low temperature)
8. Raw honey mixed into yogurt
9. Beef tartare
10. Naturally fermented salsa
11. Kefir (see my recipe)
12. Naturally fermented dill pickles or pickle relish
13. Caesar salad
14. Fresh coconut water
15. Raw butter on toast
16. Ceviche
17. Beet kvass
18. An apple (I guess this is why they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”)
19. Sour cream
20. Kombucha (see my recipe)
21. Raw bean and seed sprouts, added to salads or eaten as a snack
22. Sprouted flour crackers (dried, not baked — see my recipe)
23. Kefir soda pop (see my recipe)
24. Soaked granola (dried, not baked — see my recipe)
25. Tuna tartare
26. Raw ice cream (made with raw cream and raw egg yolks)
27. Gazpacho
28. Fruit salad
29. Caviar
30. Raw almonds, soaked and dried (make sure they are real raw almonds, as many almonds are labeled raw but they are not)
31. Hamburgers, cooked medium rare
32. Hollandaise sauce made with raw egg yolks
33. Fresh tomato juice (made at home — most store-bought brands are pasteurized)
34. Banana split
35. Buttermilk ranch dressing (see my recipe)
36. Fresh carrot juice (made at home — most store-bought brands are pasteurized)
37. Raw egg yolks added to smoothies or milk shakes
38. Caprese salad
39. Pesto made with fresh basil, raw Parmesan, and raw pine nuts (soaked and dried)
40. Nicoise salad
41. Salmon roe (see my recipe for Deviled Eggs with Salmon Roe)
42. Mayonnaise made with raw egg yolks (see my recipe)
43. Fruit leather (dried at a low temperature)
44. Cantaloupe
45. Fresh guacamole
46. Steak, cooked medium rare
47. Tzatziki sauce (Greek yogurt cucumber dip)
48. Fresh wheatgrass juice
49. Sprouted seeds, nuts and beans added to a salad
50. Kefir smoothies”


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