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Why You Should Not Cook with Olive Oil? Acrylamide.

I never would have known about acrylamide in olive oil until hubby began his anticancer journey.

Now, I cook only with coconut oil as it can tolerate high heat without turning toxic.

Cold oils we use include flaxseed, olive, and now we are researching red palm oil too.

Ty Bollinger’s book is excellent as an overall understanding to treating cancer alternatively.  His book is one of our first and it really opened our eyes.


From Ty Bollinger’s Book, “Cancer – Step Outside The Box”

Page 222.

When buying olive oil you will want to obtain a high quality extra virgin olive oil.  The oil that comes from the first “pressing” of the olive is cold pressed (“i.e. extracted without using heat or chemicals) is awarded “extra virgin” status. This is the best oil because it is handled less, thus it is closer to this natural state and contains higher levels of antioxidants, vitamin E, and phenols. How, while I recommend that you include olive oil as a healthy part of your diet, you should not cook with olive oil, as heat can damage the fatty acids and create toxins called acrylamides.  If you are going to cook with oil, use coconut oil, since it does not undergo toxic chemical changes when heated.”

Page 220.

“Coconut oil is the healthiest oil you can consume. Period.  One of the most impressive features of coconut oil is that it is extremely rich in lauric acid (about 50% by volume).  The only other abundant source of lauric acid found in nature is in human breast milk. A great deal of research has established the fact that lauric acid is used by humans to destroy viruses, and various pathogenic bacteria and microbes such as yeasts, fungus, bacteria, parasites, and molds.

“We’ve all heard the rhetoric about saturated fat being unhealthy, but this is complete nonsense.  The saturated fat in coconut oil is actually health promoting. How did that rumor get started?  Well, it was based on some flawed studies performed almost 50 years ago.  The studies used hydrogenated coconut oil, and the myth was perpetuated by the vegetable oil indstry (aided by the FDA) back in the 1980s. Are you shocked?  I’m not…”


NOTOCHEMO’S CONCLUSION:  I am sure there are more oils to research.


August 27, 2009 - Posted by | Toxic Toxic Toxic

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