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Ammonia In Beef – Feeding Ammonia To Our Families

Watch Food Inc. and you will be see what’s in your meat!

Someone did, see below.

Now it makes sense, that fast food hamburgers are self-preserving.  (if you didn’t, see my other posts on the MacDonalds Hamburger from 1996 and the Hamburger experiment done by a student in Australia – this kid should be teaching our FDA.)

So, what’s in our beef?

Ammonia (to clean the diseased unhealthy cows!).

But apparently, only in 70% of the beef, hope we know how to shop and we buy the other 30% to feed our families.


First Pasteurization, Now Ammonia

Milk isn’t the only thing being pasteurized these days. I ordered a can of tomato juice on an airplane recently and was dismayed to see the word PASTEURIZED on the label.

That’s nothing compared to this bit of shocking news… I just saw the new movie, Food Inc.last week. They interviewed a beef processor who, in an attempt to kill the e Coli bacteria, washes the beef with a mixture of ammonia and chlorine.

They said this ammonia-processed beef is in 70% of American restaurants. Bon appetit,eh?”


CONCLUSION:  Buy grass-fed and always ask, how were the cows raised?  Costco now has Tallgrass beef patties, fed on grass.  I tried them, they are delicious (I would prefer them without cheese, because I try to watch my food group combinations – I’ve never bought from their website –


August 25, 2009 - Posted by | Healthy Alert

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