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Teflon Is Irresponsible

“Environmental group warns of the danger of Teflon cookware

Associated Press, Staff Writer
Published May 14, 2003

Washington-AP — An environmental group warns that cooking with Teflon and other non-stick surfaces could be dangerous to your health.

The Environmental Working Group says non-stick surfaces can reach toxic temperatures in just minutes.

Tests commissioned by the group find fumes from non-stick surfaces that have broken down kill hundreds of pet birds each year — and sicken an unknown number of people.

The environmental group says at 680 degrees Fahrenheit, Teflon pans release at least six toxic gases, one of which is lethal to humans.

Environmental Working Group is asking the federal government to require warning labels on all non-stick cookware.

Dupont, which makes Teflon, insists the cookware is safe. Spokesman Clif Web says Teflon cookware “is totally safe for consumer use and commercial use.”


CONCLUSION: Someone argued – most people do not cook at such high heat!  Why would I take the chance with a product knowing a possible problem?  A little arsenic is still arsenic, right?

I use only stainless steel.

Feeding my family is a big responsibility.

What are you feeding your family?


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