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Hubby’s Cancer Update – Dr Tom Wu, Dr Royal, Essiac, Pranic Breathing, Diet

Well, didn’t get a chance to scan hubby’s blood tests today, hopefully sometime this week.

Recap – May 11 – started Essiac, then Dr Royal.

Dr Tom Wu – been on his anticancer smoothie maybe three weeks?

All along – diet has been strict:

whole grains



and all the three food groups are eaten in proper combinations.

Hubby eats the occasional meat and an “off” meal when we’re going somewhere.

From the size of a baking potato (scary large), it is now about less than 1/3 the size!!!

Other supplements – liver strengthening herbs, kidney strengthening herbs, immune boosting herbs, system cleansing herbs, additional vitamin C (amla berry), powdered greens, daily flaxseed oil, coconut juice and meat (what else, we ‘ve done this and that, as we go along.)

Others – pranic breathing, Reiki, shiatsu, cranial reflexology, Tibetan singing bowl meditation, rebounding.


CONCLUSION: Alternative treatment works.


If you want to privately ask questions, please do, I will not post your questions and my answers.


August 24, 2009 - Posted by | Hubby's Healing

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