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“Cool Schools: The Third Annual List

Sierra Magazine’s College Rankings: A Comprehensive Guide to the Most Eco-Enlightened U.S. Universities

Only on the web! Get the complete college rankings for the third annual Cool Schools list, thenlisten to Avital BinshtockSierra magazine’s lifestyle editor, on Sierra Club Radio discussing how and why we ranked the schools.

Back in the day, high schoolers looking at colleges (and U.S. News and World Report) were mainly concerned with three things: prestige, location, and whether the place had a rockin’ social life. These days, however, applicants look for something more: a school with green credentials.

“Ten years ago, I don’t remember any student asking me about green campuses,” says Steven Roy Goodman, a college admissions strategist at “Now it’s quite common for students to be keenly interested in how environmentally responsible colleges are.”

Today, two-thirds of university applicants say that a school’s environmental report card would influence whether they’d enroll, according to a survey by the Princeton Review, a test-prep company.

Elite schools competing for the best and brightest have taken the cue. Harvard University leads the pack in energy efficiency,Yale University revolutionized its food operations, and the University of California at Los Angeles revamped its waste management.


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