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Ghee Lamp – Talking to God?

I didn’t know about this – the metaphysical aspect of using a ghee lamp!

Read this from somewhere but I forgot to copy the link.


Ghee lamp

Ideally, ritualistic worship should be done with the flame in the soul. However, since most of us do not even experience this inner light, let alone perform worship with it, the ritual of waving lit lamps is performed with a physical lamp. One should light a lamp using ghee (clarified butter) because when burned, frequencies emanating from it are more subtle than those emitted by burning oil or wax. Ghee can attract sattvik (pure) frequencies from as far as heaven while oil can attract frequencies from a distance of only one-meter.

Today in this scientific age one might ridicule lighting of lamps as one can have the wonderful benefits of electricity. We must remember that our ancestors have attributed great importance to this after in-depth study. They also did it with the spiritual emotion of gratitude. Let us now compare electrical and ghee lamps.”



August 24, 2009 - Posted by | DIY Health

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