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Cellphone Cancer

TVs, computers, cellphones, all our  new toys have side effects.  See this from the National Cancer Institute on cellphones.  The full article is on their site.


    • Cellular telephones emit radiofrequency (RF) energy (radio waves), which is a form ofradiation and is under investigation for its effects on the human body (1).
    • Cellular telephone technology is relatively new and is still changing, so there are few long-term studies of the effects of RF energy from cellular telephones on the human body (1).
    • The number of cellular telephone users has increased rapidly. As of December 2007, there were more than 255 million subscribers to cellular telephone service in the United States, according to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA). This is an increase from 110 million users in 2000 and 208 million users in 2005.
  1. Why is there concern that cellular telephones may cause cancer?
  2. There are three main reasons why people are concerned that cellular telephones (also known as “wireless” or “mobile” telephones) may cause certain types of cancer.

    For these reasons, it is important to learn whether RF energy from cellular telephones affects human health.”


August 24, 2009 - Posted by | Healthy Alert

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