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$95 for 2.2 lbs Green Tea

I wondered why matcha is so expensive compared to other green teas – the site below sells 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) for $95.

We were researching green tea for hubby – someone said, regular green tea powder is fine, but what about the caffeine?

Yet, the Japanese swear by their green tea, and they are a pretty healthy nation until they succumbed to western fast food!


“Why is matcha tea relatively expensive when compared to other green teas?
Japanese tea, in general, tends to be more expensive than teas produced in other countries. It’s the rule of supply and demand. Japan is a small country that only exports about 1 percent of its teas, due to high domestic demand.

Taking that into account, matcha production is limited. Covering the fields with bamboo mats, or tarps, weakens the tea plants, and a longer recovery period is needed before they can be harvested again. Most farmers pick matcha leaves entirely by hand – although machine picking is not un-common.  Local farmers closely supervise the growing, harvesting and sorting of matcha leaves. At the factory, production requires several processes including steaming, drying, destemming, sorting, grinding and packaging. Each stone grinder produces only about 40 grams of matcha in an hour.”


August 23, 2009 - Posted by | DIY Health

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