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What If Someone Farmed A Human Under These Ghastly Conditions?

Woke up with a vengeance for no reason – got a couple of taunts to go to these sites – again, anything can be photoshopped and things become true after being passed around enough times BUT, I saw disgusting cattle farms when we drove from up north from Lake Tahoe back down into California.

Also, there’s been too many people who have witnessed these atrocities.

Fact-check, please, I would love to be wrong on this, I mean, sometimes, I think even PETA is over-zealous but then, how did they become so?

I know I nag, but have you watched these movies? – FOOD INC. and FOOD OF THE FUTURE?

Be warned – gruesome pictures are attached below.


“Steve Mahrt, self-proclaimed ‘head chicken farmer’ and owner of Petaluma Farms, has been selling fertile, cage-free and organic eggs to West Coast consumers for 20 years.… ‘We’re the original, free-ranging chicken people,’ says Mahrt, a former California Egg Commission chairman.”

How one egg farmer has gone cage-free for 20 years,” Oakland Tribune, 5/28/03

Two pictures from Mahrt’s farm (click each for larger image; courtesy of Viva! USA and Farm Sanctuary).

Male chicks, of no value to the egg industry, are killed at birth; and female chicks, whether destined for cages or not, are typically debeaked at the hatchery. Although hens can live more than 10 years, they’re killed after a year or two.

Turkeys raised for free-range meat are often subjected to debeaking and toe trimming (click each for larger image; courtesy of EBAA).

Since 2004, East Bay Animal Advocates has monitored the husbandry practices of a free-range turkey farm in Northern California. Click to tour the farm.

Free-range and cage-free farms vary greatly, and while they may be an improvement overconventional farms, they are by no means free of suffering. Visiting the farms and slaughterhouses is the only way to know how the animals are being raised and killed before the meat hits your plate.

See also: How Free Is “Free-Range”? from Compassion Over Killing, as well as MFA’s analysis;A Brief Guide to Meat and Dairy Labels and Their Relevance to Animal Welfare and A Brief Guide to Egg Carton Labels and Their Relevance to Animal Welfare from the Humane Society of the United States. 2009 update: the USDA releases guidelines for “naturally raised.”


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