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Buy Green: Camping Tents

Move into a tent made out of recycled PET bottles or even an authentic tepee on your next camping trip.

A green vacation in the great outdoors is above and beyond pitching a tent. No, camping may seem inherently green when you’re surrounded by wilderness and solitude, and enjoying the fresh, open air—but a responsible trip is more than a reservation at a campsite. It starts with buying the right tent.

In one market where you’d expect an extra interest in green goods, there’s a surprising lack of green options when it comes to camping tents. Most tents these days are still made of vinyl, or PVC, a plastic that’s dangerous both to your health and the environment. Both PVC-producing factories and the products themselves emit dioxins that can cause cancer, asthma, and birth defects, among other ailments. In other words, PVC is a key material to avoid when looking for green tents.”


CONCLUSION: These tents are not cheap – I would get a green tent after I’ve raided enough things to sell on ebay.

These five tents range from fashionable green designs to sturdy sustainable wonders to tepees made the ol’ fashioned way.

For more camping pointers check out our How to Go Green: Travel & Outdoors guide.


August 22, 2009 - Posted by | Stuff I Researched

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