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Why Are So Many People Looking for Dr Tom Wu’s Formulas?

Because cancer is on the rise.  Why?

It’s what we put into our bodies.

When you think of the zillions of $$$ spent on genetic engineering, does it not make sense to use that money on organic farming instead.

Below is an excellent article on this, along with extracts from it.

“Why spend the time, money and scientific ingenuity manipulating a handful of genetic materials to end up with a specific new attribute when we should, and could, be rigorously advancing regionally adapted varieties and building up soils organically to achieve enduring nutrient content cycling and resistance to drought, flood and disease?

The patented seed path is entirely under the control of a company and typically requires substantial chemical inputs to survive.

There’s lots of research alleging “safety,” but it’s mostly tucked within the files of the companies that paid for it. There is no data from independent, long-term studies on the human health impacts from eating GMO crops with their altered genetic makeup. The same companies prevent independent research on the efficacy and health impacts of their crop seeds.

“Dr. Judith Carman of Australia is conducting one of the few long-term, independent animal feeding studies with GM materials. She says recent Australian and Italian studies finding reduced fertility and immune function, respectively, in mice are disturbing.”


Below links to an article in 2008.  Monsanto pushes its GM products but Japan said no!!!

“Japan does not produce any GM crops. However, because Japan imports GM canola from Canada, GM contamination has already occurred and it is spreading to a much greater degree than one could imagine. If GM crops are cultivated, then this kind of pollution will spread even more. Judging by the ominous precedent of Canada, once GM crops are cultivated, segregation between GM and non-GM will become almost impossible, and keeping pure non-GM varieties away from GM contamination will be very hard. The clear conclusion from the findings is that cultivating or importing GM crops, leads to GM pollution and once this pollution begins, it can cause irreversible damage.”


CONCLUSION: How did healthy hubby who exercises and eats a relatively good diet get his cancer – we didn’t know then that not all soy is good, that much of the corn we ate was genetically altered, that food labels are lacking so we didn’t know what we were feeding ourselves, we didn’t know that Monsanto’s GM products and by-products are used in a great deal of food sold in stores –

NOW, for the sake of our health, for the things we plan to enjoy together, we are smarter about our food choices,

– we read food labels

– we ask questions like “can the seed of this tomato be traced”?  Ask yourself, how is it possible there are tomatoes all year round – even nature has four seasons to let the earth repair and rejuvenate.


August 21, 2009 - Posted by | Dr Tom Wu

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