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WBC – Dr Tom Wu’s Sensibility

The link and extract below pertain to white blood cells – I co-relate this extract to Dr Tom Wu’s emphasis on the phytonutrients in his raw food Anticancer Smoothies.   Check the entire link out and see if it helps you for what you need for your own health.


For Decreased Toxicity….Consuming cooked food can create increased toxicity within the body. After eating cooked foods, the body loses its flexibility, arteries and skin lose their pliability, nerves lose the power of transmitting impulses easily, the spinal cord becomes stiff, the tissues throughout the body contract, and we age prematurely. Cooking causes inorganic elements to enter the blood. The body is adept at depositing this matter in the various joints of the body, causing enlargement and pain and this matter can accumulate in the internal organs causing toxicity of important organs such as the liver, pancreas, heart, kidneys, etc. Cooking food changes it into inorganic acid compounds. When eaten raw, most fruits and vegetables are metabolized alkaline, which can prevent cancer.
For a Strong Immune System….Cooked foods suppress the immune system. After eating cooked foods, the white blood cell count is increased (leucocytosis) ; white blood cells are the first line of defense of the immune system. The constant daily fight against the toxic effect of cooked food is exhausting to the body, depressing the immune system, leading to disease, and a shorter longevity. In contrast, eating raw vegan foods does not produce this elevation of white blood cells.”


CONCLUSION: Hubby’s wbc could be due simply to the fight against the cancer – Dr Royal measured his lumps again, because they are noticeably smaller!  Still researching on ways to increase his wbc.


August 21, 2009 - Posted by | Dr Tom Wu, Hubby's Healing

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