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Book – We Used This Anticancer Book

Our main book of reference when we started researching anticancer cures was this book by Ty Bollinger, “Cancer – Step Outside The Book”.


Ty refers to several other HUMANITARIANS (that’s what I call these selfless people who writes books, put up websites, HELP others in their search for healthy cures).

Ty’s book is very easy to understand and is great if you’re starting to research healthy alternatives for general health, specific health issues, or particularly, cancer.   When his wife said doctor diagnosed her with diabetes, he referred to, did what they had to do with alternative health options and two months later, she stopped doing her glucose test.

Several books/skites Ty refers to in the book are ones I have found extremely useful.  Here they are for your easy reference:

Dr. Darrell Wolfe, “Spoiled Rotten, The Funus Within Us”, “Reclaim Your Inner Terrain”

Dr David Gregg – theories on DMSO and cesium chloride.

Bill Henderson, “Cure Your Cancer”,

Tanya Harter Pierce –

Dr Robert Young – “Sick and Tired – Reclaim Your Inner Terrain”

Mike Adams –


CONCLUSION: Diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, cancer, to name a few, can be cured by adopting a good diet and incorporating healthy herbs and habits that we have replaced with synthetic vitamins, high stress and poor choice of diet – and we say, well, I’ve eaten my life all this time, I’m okay – yes, but are you healthy?


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