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Pranic Healing – More Than A Buzz

Same thing last night –  did a good round of pranic breathing.

Did the energizing exercises, remembered to stick my tongue on top palate, thumped my heart chakra too.

The buzz is distinct, clear- to describe it – my fingers tingle, both hands, the palm was sort of warm, but not so evident as the tingle in the fingers.


This morning, had time, so I stayed in bed and did the pranic breathing and energizing exercises.

I did the same thing, pulled my right hand away from my left palm (imagine I am clapping my hands but my palms do not meet) and at one time, there was a definite lump or block of something when my palms were fairly close (maybe three inches), I don’t mean block as in obstruct, I mean, like there was something between the hands, felt that once.




August 18, 2009 - Posted by | DIY Health

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