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Another Veggie Dinner

Ingredients –

Green and red cabbage, slivered

Kale, slivered

Carrots, strips

Onions sliced, diced

Garlic, minced

Ginger, minced

Shallots, sliced

Rice, quinoa

I don’t cook a series of dishes, usually just one dish.

Saute some ginger, garlic, shallots in coconut oil.

Add carrots, fry, add cabbage, kale, fry.

Add a little sea salt.

Put veggies aside when less than 1/2 limp.

Heat another few tbsp of coconut oil.

Add remaining ginger,  shallots, garlic, onions to pan, fry till limp.

Add uncooked rice, quinoa.

Fry (till rice turns opaque – about five to 10 minutes), season with salt and a sprinkle of Braggs amino salt.

Pile veggies on top of rice.

Add some water.

Cover with lid.

Turn up heat, then simmer, to cook rice and veggies together.

Because of the brown rice, the dish takes a little longer to cook.

When ready to eat, I sprinkle kelp granules – this adds salt and a sharp tangy flavor, I love it.

And, maybe some shichimi togarashi.



August 18, 2009 - Posted by | Recipes

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