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Pranic Healing – Buzz Again

Did the string of energizing exercises sitting up in bed before I slept.

Definitely again – the buzz at my fingers/palm area.  When I pulled my right hand (this will be my primary scanning hand) away, the buzz was still evident about ten inches away but as I moved my right hand toward my left open palm, the tingling increased.  This step is part of the self-scanning which I want to practise after my energizing exercise for the next couple of weeks.

I know the book said to practise on animals and plants too, to feel their prana, but I will read up on that again before trying.   I’ve got to borrow the book again from the library.

CONCLUSION: Need to practise my pranic breathing throughout the day to increase personal prana – this will help me in my scanning.

QUESTION – if anybody has done this, could you let me know if you are on any particular diet.  The book advises food closest to the earth, that means, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.


August 17, 2009 - Posted by | DIY Health

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