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Hubby is continuing his weekly bicarbonate IVs this week, next week will be vitamin C IV.

So right now, his treatment for lymphoma includes :

bicarbonate IV

Vitamin C IV

Heart hormones

A series of homeopathic tinctures (Royal uses a machine to put the relevant frequencies into these dark glass bottles and hubby squeezes the drops under his tongue)

Essiac Tea

Yellowdock Tea

System Cleanse Tea

Liver/Kidney/Hormone remedies we capsulate ourselves based on protocols from (she’s the mother who cured herself of lupus and lymphoma while being pregnant!)

Dr Tom Wu’s Anticancer Smoothie (see recipe under Recipes)

Daily diet of vegetables, fruits and whole grains

Snacks of brown rice, sesame crackers

Cottage cheese and flaxseed oil dip (cancer fighting – I believe this is the Budweig strategy)

Reiki, shiatsu, cranial reflexology, singing bowl meditation


Lymphatic wrap  – just started that, so we’re waiting to see how this will help

CONCLUSION – Dr Royal is happy with the decrease in swelling of the lumps (like I said, the potato sized one is possibly reduced to 1/3 the original size), hubby is doing great.


August 17, 2009 - Posted by | Hubby's Healing

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