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Candida – More To Come

I’m preparing for tomorrow’s saliva self-test on candida.

What I ate today:

Water with a huge squeeze of lemon juice

Grannysmith apple

Lots of water

Salad, sesame cracker, hummus

Sunflower seeds

Sips of organic coffee (!)

1/3 of a raisin cinnamon scone (!)

My incredibly easy Zucchini Casserole with brown rice

More Sesame cracker

So let ‘s see what tomorrow’s test shows.  Will take those disgusting pictures again.


CONCLUSION : My saliva – didn’t see the stringy tadpoles at all, cloudy pool on top of water, cloudy pool at bottom, two long tails that stretched from top to bottom.


CONCLUSION – Hubby’s saliva right after the spit floated at the well, no stringy things doing down into water,  a few cloud specks inside water after a while, in the end, a small cloud pool at the bottom, a similar pool on top, a few smudges as you can see in the second picture.


August 17, 2009 - Posted by | DIY Health

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