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Candida-Disgusting Pictures

You are warned – the pictures are not pleasant – I took pics of my saliva self-test after a diet yesterday of:

Armenian Pizza (vegs on flatbread – no cheese)

Smoothie – fresh young coconut, green apple, lemon, lecithin, bee pollen (and some remnants of hubby’s Tom Wu’s smoothie)

Salad – kale, green and red cabbage, radish, carrots, red onion, parsley, cilantro, sea salt, Braggs amino acid, flaxseed oil

Sesame rice cracker (see “Food For Thought – Healthy Snacks”)

Red Grapes

Tiny sips of coffee

A small bite of cream puff (sampling at Costco!)

A sliver of bbq chicken pizza (sampling at Trader Joe’s)


My saliva did not have the mess of tadpoles like the first morning (after a previous day of fishball noodles, wonton noodles, chinese sweet pancakes, Armenian pizza and a morning smoothie)

UPDATE – Upon the first spit and waiting for a minute or two, is what you see in the first picture.  Candida-SalivaTestAug1609 001

The second picture is what evolved during the hour, and eventually remained as a long tail from top to bottom, with some spit remaining at the top of the water and a small cloudy pool at the bottom.

Candida-SalivaTestAug1609 002

NOTE: healthy saliva is supposed to remain on top of the water and finally dissipate.


This link has a questionnaire for those interested in self-testing  for candida based on their life history –


The text and pic below came from this link that details the candida saliva self-test –

“Saliva Test: A simple test to determine if candida may be a problem is to do spit your saliva into a glass of water, upon waking in the morning. Do this prior to putting anything into your mouth. You may have to work up some saliva to spit into the glass, and may do so a few times to ensure that you have enough in the glass to cover the surface of the water. Observe the reaction of the saliva in the glass every few minutes for a half hour.

saliva candida testIf there are “strings” coming down from your saliva, if the water turned cloudy, or if it sank to the bottom – chances are that you probably have candida! If you do NOT have a candida concern, your saliva should stay at the top of the glass and will eventually dissipate after 30 minutes. Although this simple test is a relatively quick, economical way to determine if you have a yeast problem, sometimes people will test negative so it is best to pay attention to the symptoms presented and see your physician who can then perform further studies.”


MY CONCLUSION – I did the questionnaire and the saliva test – I may have lesser to moderate candida.  Will have to record my diet and test again. Maybe, no traditional noodles and yummy dimsum for a while.

(Hubby forgot and drink water before he spat into a cup of water.)


August 16, 2009 - Posted by | DIY Health

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