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Candida – Update – Good or Bad

I found out (lost the link, will find it again) that, GOOD saliva-self-test should show saliva floating on top of the water – this means good state of health.

UPDATE – Day 2 of my self-test.  My saliva dripped like strands a little but not too bad, then some stayed on top of the water, some float to bottom of the glass in a small cloud pool.  Will do this again.

UPDATE – Day 2 of hubby’s self-test.  His saliva starts by floating on top of water!  A little is in bits in the middle of the glass.

NOTE TO SELF – I probably need to up my immune, eat even better, do pranic breathing and see if this saliva self-test changes

CONCLUSION – at the end of the hour –

my saliva – some stringy bits, most of it floats to the bottom in cloud bits and pools, a little floating on top

hubby’s – maybe one or strings (you have to look for it), more than half floats on top, a small cloudy pool on bottom.

I seriously think it was our wonderful road trip of sidetracking from the diet!


August 15, 2009 - Posted by | DIY Health

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