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Boost Immunity

I am learning through my husband’s healing journey that the body’s immune system can be boosted in so many ways to combat health problems, and the mind, body and soul connection is a total system when it comes to the health of the body:

– through diet (organic food with the emphasis on whole grains, vegetables, fruits)

– lifestyle (simple regular exercise – one excellent way is to use a rebounder daily – they can be expensive, we bought ours from craigslist for $40 – attitude towards life/needs/wants)

– meditation/chanting/praying/some form of spiritual attachment (can be as simple as giving thanks, blessing our food, there are so many ways)

– simply (do we need so many bags and shoes? – I’m still trying to simply, I am going to start by putting stuff on ebay or craigstlist, might as well raise some money and buy some good organic food to put inside our bodies.)


August 15, 2009 - Posted by | DIY Health, Healthy Alert

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