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Pranic Healing – Update


I LIKE IT – “Your Hands Can Heal You” – by Stephen Co and Eric Robins – the book is not difficult to understand.  Illustrations are provided by line drawings and photographs.  I tried the Energy Sensistivity exercises – they work – I felt the tingling in my hands – I practise yoga so the pranic or prana breathing is not new to me (utilizing the abdomen rather than the chest).

I am now going through the exercises to help stretch and loosen the diaphragm, and the next step would be to actually engage in pranic breathing, then engage in pranic breathing with retention (meaning, breath in for a certain count, hold for a certain count, breath out for a certain count, hold for a certain count.

Am thinking about buying the book but I may renew the book at the library until I am sure I will going to follow through with all the exercises  – this pranic healing with hands is definitely something worthwhile looking into.

Here’s  a little of what I have learn about what pranic breathing does physiologically –

– improve functioning of waste-removal system

– improve functioning of cardiovascular system

– strenghten diaphragm, make diaphragm more supple, which is good for body and mind.

And, energy-wise, pranic breathing does the following:

– increased capacity for generating high-quality prana

– cleanse negative emotions and limiting beliefs

– increase size of spiritual cord (this is the cord that attaches crown chakra to our higher self or soul – this cord is the where dirty prana is expelled from body and fresh prana is channeled.)

I really shouldn’t rush this pranic healing and I should practise the exercises I have learned  before going to the next stage.

I’m glad the shiatsu masseuse turned me onto this.  Thanks, Audrey.

Will update again on my progress with pranic healing.


August 14, 2009 - Posted by | DIY Health

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