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Dim Sum!!!


We broke anti-cancer protocol!!!  and had dimsum!!!  It was so good.  Hubby is very religious about his anti-cancer treatment – but it was timely for a treat, so we ate at our favorite place in downtown LA during our road trip – Golden Dragon on 970 Broadway.  $17.95 for chives dumpling, something dumpling, char siu rice rolls, steamed pork ribs, siew mai, bean curd rolls, beef balls, wu tau kok, sweet sesame balls – had to stop eating!  Then we took a walk around Chinatown.



Then we went to Huntington Library but we left after taking a couple of pictures – $15.00 per person on weekdays ($20 for Monday, holidays and weekends) – we didn’t think we would do the $30 spent any justice.   Hubby has no patience for this kind of cultural integration.  I’m glad we went – I thought the grounds were beautiful.


We stopped at TJ’s to get a can of tomatoes (that’s our dinner sauce to cook with some peppers, onions and kale over brown rice.) TJ-PasadenaOriginalTJ-OriginalSignTJ-BuCoffeeTJ-DicedTomatoRoastedChillies

Now we’ll really have to do that candida self-test after all that smashing dim sum – I’m sure there was plenty sugar in the dim sum.

NOTE: Hubby’s cancer protocol is basically organic vegetables, whole grains and fruits (particularly low sugar fruits) but once in a while, he enjoys something else and we go right back to the protocol – since May 11, we officially started this anti-cancer diet and he is doing extremely well.


August 13, 2009 - Posted by | Hubby's Healing

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