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Vegetarian Garlic Fried Rice


Vegetarian Garlic Fried Rice

Wheat-free, gluten-free again because of hubby.


Coconut Oil

Ginger – minced

Garlic – minced (main flavor of dish, I use as many as ten to 12 cloves)

Onions – diced

Any vegetables (I had broccoli, cut thin/small, carrots – diced)

Brown rice (cooked- I use both overnight and freshly cooked)

Sea salt

Braggs Amino Acid

Toasted Nori – slivered or cut up into pieces

Flaxseed oil

Chia seeds

Spicy sauce / chilli flakes (I use Japanese Shichimi Togarashi – has a bite)

Heat coconut oil in pan.

Fry a little ginger, garlic – when fragrant, add vegetables.

Season with sea salt.

To brown vegetables a little for smoked flavor, I cover pan with lid for several minutes (in this case, about five)

Remove vegetables.

Heat up coconut oil in same pan.

Fry rest of ginger, garlic – when fragrant, add rice.

Let rice sit on ginger and garlic for about a minute or less (without letting spices burn) – this will let ginger and garlic brown under rice and infuse rice.

Toss rice well, season with sea salt, Braggs.

Add vegetables. (If I partially cooked vegetables, I will cover pan with lid to let everything steam for a minute or two.)

Toss everything in pan, taste, adjust seasoning (remember, the nori later will add to saltiness of dish.)

Remove from stove.

Add seaweed, distribute well.

Cool a little, top with a trickle of flaxseed oil and sprinkle of chia seeds. (flaxseed oil is best eaten cold.)

Depending on who is eating, I add the spicy sauce or Japanese seven spices (shichimi togarashi) per portion of fried rice.


August 8, 2009 - Posted by | Recipes

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