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Fulvic Acids

Dr Royal just introduced hubby to fulvic acds (correct term but “acid” is commonly used), in the form of a tincture,  and we will be watching for results.

Until today, have never heard of this acid.  Apparently, millions of years ago, plants and animals decomposed and dissolved into the earth – this resuls in our oil and gas deposits – and this process stops us from getting important organic compounds, as well as the DNA of these ancient living life forms.  But, there are still rich deposits of this valuable acid and according to research, the DNA and organic compounds of these plants and animals did not dissolve into oil or gas; but were captured in shale millions of years ago.

Fulvic acid contains a powerful organic poly-electrolyte antioxidant and free-radical scavenger and can balance cell life.  I read from various articles that fulvic acid is good for the following:

– digestive tract ulcers

– immunology

– endocrinology

– anti-cancer

– anti-flammatory agent

– stimulate blood circulation & enhances blood coagulation

Will update when Royal checks hubby again.


August 6, 2009 - Posted by | Hubby's Healing

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