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Vegetarian Bean Noodles Stir-Fry

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Bean Noodles Stir-Fried
I like to make one-dish meals, since I don’t have a lot of time and hubby is on a strict diet so I need simple preparations.
Bean noodles are also known as cellophane noodles. I get the ones from Thailand, not from China. I boycott China food products.

Bean noodles (thin ones require only several minute of soaking, then drain and put aside)
Ginger- minced
Garlic – minced
Shallots – sliced thin
Onions – sliced thin

Kale – slivered
Collard greens – slivered

Saute a little of aromatics in coconut oil.
Add a little sea salt.
Add vegetables, fry till almost soft. (With collards, they take longer to soften so I may cover with lid.)
Remove vegetables (if they browned a little and you have bits stuck to pan, they will remove with last step of cooking.)
Saute rest of aromatics with coconut oil (season with some sea salt) until quite limp.
Add noodles and let sit on top of aromatics for a minute or so.
Add some sea salt, Braggs Amino Acid to noodles, toss, mix and fry for several minutes.
Add vegetables, add some water (I used to use chicken stock for more flavor), cover with lid, cook for several minutes.
Remove lid, mix everything inside pan, season with more salt/Braggs if necessary. Noodles should have absorbed all the moisture.

These noodles may be too bland for some people.

VARIATION – sometimnes, I add sesame oil, spicy sauce at the end, and /or strips of toasted nori (these tend to bunch together inside the noodles.)  Because of hubby’s diet, I also add chia seeds and a tbsp of flax seed oil (after cooking.)

Yes, I do miss the noodles I used to cook with dried shrimps, belachan, soya sauce, oyster sauce etc.. But, like I said, if you have good stock, this Bean Noodles can be very tasty and is so simple to prepare – now you see why I use a lot of aromatics.


August 6, 2009 - Posted by | Recipes

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