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Parasites and Worms

I have some homegrown pomegranate fruits and researched to see how I could use them.

I found the following article on parasites and worms – and pomegranates help!  I have not decided what herbal cleanse I will be using.

But the pomegranate (and apple and mango) smoothie was delicious!


PARASITES AND WORMS by Katherine Fletcher

I know we don’t like to think about it, but we all have parasites and worms. Many of us don’t realize how much harm to the body these little critters can cause. Parasites and worms are also one of the major causes of stress and illness in the body.

Where Do We Get Parasite?

Parasites come from our food, water, pets, gardens and other sources. They are found world wide. Poor sanitation doesn’t help but we still can acquire worms through every day activities. Walking barefoot in the garden, contact with pets, meats, certain fruits and veggies (depending on the soil). Our water supply can also be infected, also swimming in lakes and oceans. Most parasites and worms are microscopic so we don’t visually see them. Worms can release as many as 200,000 eggs per day. Think about that for a minute.

Once they get in our body they can settle into our organs, sap our nutrition. The intestinal tract is the most common area for worms and parasites to settle. Parasites reproduce around the full moon so this is when we feel the effect the most. Our bodies may actually play host to over 100 different types of parasites.

Types of Parasites / Worms


It is estimated that 25% of the world’s population has roundworms. They get infections from consuming worm eggs found on fruits and veggies in contaminated soil.

Some of the symptoms of roundworms are intestinal gas, weight gain around full moon, digestive problems, fatigue, anemia, teeth grinding and blood sugar imbalances. Tapeworms

There are lots of different types of tapeworms and they can grow to be very large in the body. The usually source of tapeworms is pork, beef and also our pets. When they get in our intestines, the absorb all of our nutrients and the give off dangerous waste.

Some of the symptoms of tapeworms are thyroid and intestinal imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, jaundice, bloating, gas and a possible fluid build up during the full moon.


These are very small parasites that attach themselves to our organs. Some of these organs include the lungs, heart, intestines, brain, bladder, liver and blood vessels which can cause inflammation and damage. The eggs are tiny with protruding spines that cause damage as they move through the body. The main source of flukes is raw or under cooked fish or crab, infected veggies like water chestnuts or drinking and wading through infected water.

Single Cell parasites

These are also called Protozoans and these microscopic critters cause more harm than any other kind of parasite. Our immune systems usually naturally take care of these parasites, but if your body and immune system is weak, you have a better chance of having them. They are very resistant to dryness, chemicals and temperature which are everywhere in our society. Protozoans are found in the intestines, muscle tissue, digestive tract and lungs. They release toxins and tissue destroying enzymes. Infections caused by Protozoans are associated with arthritis, asthma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, M.S., ovarian cysts, dermatitis, muscle diseases and more.


Herbal cleanses are great for getting rid of worms and parasites. I also recommend limiting or eliminating the amount of pork from your diet. This seems to be a huge source from our foods. Herbal cleanses should be started a week before the full moon, since parasites reproduce at the full moon. It is important to stay on a 4 to 5 week cleanse to ensure you get the next full moon to get rid of the remaining eggs. Some suggestions:

– eating raw pumpkin seeds to keep parasites away

– Garlic, thyme, cayenne also help with parasites.

– Milk Thistle and cloves are also great for parasites and restoring the digestive tract.

– Avoid sugar and alcohol and potato chips which parasites love and thrive on.

* pomegranates, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar are good foods to control parasites




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White Blood Cells – Ave or Avemar

This product was introduced to us in our search for supplements that will increase white blood cells.

Still researching this product and others.



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A Doctor Diagnosed With Cancer Shocked At What Doctors Told Him

We were fortunate that someone passed this book to us for part of our research.

I have extracted bits from the book.

Remember, this man is a doctor himself.  His peers shocked him with their “treatment” of cancer.


Extracts from “Anticancer” by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD:

“When David Servan-Schreiber, a dedicated scientist and doctor, was diagnosed with brain cancer, his life changed.  Confronting what medicine knows about the illness and the little-known workings of his body’s natural cancer-fighting capacities, and marshaling his own will to live, Servan-Schreiber found himself on a fifteen-year journey from disease and relapse into scientific exploration and, finally, to health. “

“I have cancer. I was diagnosed for the first time fifteen years ago.  I received conventional treatment and the cancer went into remission, but I relapsed after that.  Then I decided to learn everything I could to help my body defend itself against the illness.  As a physician, established researcher, and former director of the Center for Integrative Medicine agt the University of Pittsburgh, I had access to invaluable information about natural approaches to prevent or help treat cancer.  I’ve kept cancer at bay for seven years now. In this book, I’d like to tell you the stories – scientific and personal – behind what I learned.

After surgery and chemotherapy for cancer, I asked my oncologist for advice.   What should I do to lead a healthy life and what precautions could I take to avoid a relapse?  “There is nothing special to do.  Lead your life normally.  We’ll do MRI scans at regular intervals and if your tumor comes back, we’ll detect it early,” replied this leading light of modern medicine.

“But aren’t there exercise I could do, a diet to follow or to avoid?  Shouldn’t I be working on my mental outlook?”  I asked.  My colleague’s answer bewildered me.  “In this domain, do what you like.  It can’t do you any harm.  But we don’t have any scientific evidence that any of these approaches can prevent a relapse.”


NOTOCHEMO’S CONCLUSION:  There are too many people who have healed from cancer using alternative treatments.

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Glyconutrients – Anticancer

I am researching glyconutrients for myself as well.  Hubby is talking to someone else who will be forwarding more info.

Meanwhile, I have the following from Ty Bollinger’s book.


Ty Bollinger’s book, Cancer – Step Outside The Box – Extract, Page 238

Aloe Immune is an excellent aloe product with all 8 essential glyconutrienbts in a dehydrated powder rather than a freeze or spray dried powder, or diluted juice form.  Aloe Immune is also less expensive than many other products on the market today.  You may remember the story of Neal DeOul who cured himself of cancer with T-Up (an aloe vera concentrate) and cesium chloride.  To order Aloe Immune, please visit      ….    Another Excellent glyconutrient is Garden of Life’s RM-10.       ….Himalayan goji berries are an excellent source of glyconutrients.”

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Water Ionizer or Water Filter

We are still researching water ionizers.

Money is definitely a consideration.

Water filters is an option.

Ty Bollinger uses a Big Berkey water filter and I am trying to find out more about it, because, compared to an ionizer, this Berkey is a few hundred dollars, and there are several models.


Ty Bollinger’s book, Cancer – Step Outside The Box – Extract, Page 229

“Many people drink distilled or osmotic water, but in my opinion, this is dead water.  Yes, most of the toxic chemicals have been removed, but also missing are the alkaline minerals and oxygen – especially in the case of distilled water, since it is “acidic.”  My family drinks tap water that has been filtered with our Big Berkey water filter, which filters out lead, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, etc.  All that remains is pure water.”


Extract, Page 230

“Dr Batman’s message to the world was, “You are not sick, you are thirsty.  Don’t treat thirst with medication.”  Learn more about Dr. Batman and his amazing research at

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Anticancer Dip – Alkalizing Dip

We have become adventurous with dips – it’s a great way to eat raw vegetables and replaces store-bought sauces filled with corn syrup, sugar and additives.


Ty Bollinger’s book, Cancer – Step Outside The Box – Extract, Page 226

“We have begun to love a mixture of tomatoes, red peppers, avocados, onions, garlic, oregano, cilantro, lime juice, and extra-virgin olive oil.  I put it in the food processor for about thirty seconds and then we spread it on vegetables and flax crackers.  The kiddos affectionately call it “Daddy Dip.”  This mixture is highly alkalizing to the body, and it also tastes good.  Why  do we combine these specific veggies?

Tomatoes – contain lycopene, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and carotenoid, and also very alkaline!

Red peppers – high in vitamin C and beta carotene and very alkaline

Avocados – an excellent source of Omega-3 fats and very alkaline

Garlic – contains diallyl sulfide (chemically similar to DMSO) and ajoene (induces apoptosis in cancer cells) – a powerful oxygen transport enhance and anticarcinogen – also one of the most powerful antifungals in the world.

Oregano – extremely potent antioxidant and alkaline as well

Cilantro –helps remove (chelate) heavy metals

Lime juice – adds a “zest” to the mixture and highly alkaline

Olive oil – contains vitamin E, vitamin A, chlorophyll, magnesium and a ton of other nutrients.

Two important things to remember about plant foods: 1) eat them raw – cooking over 112 degreees destroys the enzymes, and 2) eat organic fruits and vegetables (if possible) – conventionally grown plant foods have likely been sprayed with toxic pesticides.”


NOTOCHEMO’S CONCLUSION:  There’s so much anticancer info out there that no matter what we do, I feel, as long as we stick to the basics of good nutrition (herbs should be researched carefully), dips are an easy way to eat healthfully.

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Anticancer Smoothie

This is from Ty Bollinger’s book, Cancer – Step Outside The Box – extract from Page 218.

“…cooking kills garlic’s cancer-fighting properties.  There are cases on record where cancer was beaten with a good detox program and garlic alone.  Here’s a powerful anti-cancer concoction: blend up some raw broccoli, garlic juice, onions and ginger.  If you can stand the taste, it’s one of the most potent cancer fighting concoctions anywhere – and the ingredients are available at your local grocery store.”


NOTOCHEMO’S CONCLUSION: I have not tried this smoothie, but it is another of those commonsense nutritional things that doctors don’t tell you about.

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Chemo or Alternative Treatment For Cancer – The Next Time You Donate Your Hard-Earned Money ollars

I do know of people who have used conventional treatment (chemo) and swear by it – they are alive and well.

Since we decided against chemo and started alternative treatment, hubby is doing very well – I cannot say either method is better BUT, by commonsense, chemo is deadly, alternative is not, I think the fact that doctors have told us, “you can eat anything”, that does not make sense.

I would want to contribute to cancer research that focuses on alternative treatment since there are too many people who have been healed this way without the billions of dollars spent on research – imagine if these billions of dollars were used to study and substantiate such alternative treatments.


Imagine What Could Be Achieved

The next time you are asked to donate to a cancer organisation, bear in mind that your money will be used to sustain an industry which has been deemed by many eminent scientists as a qualified failure and by others, as a complete fraud. If you would like to make a difference, inform these organisations that you won’t donate to them until they change their approach to one which is focussed on prevention and study of the human condition. We have the power to change things by making their present approach unprofitable. It is only through our charitable donations and taxes that these institutions survive on their present unproductive path.

Copyright 1997
Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research
P.O. Box 234, Lawson NSW 2783, Australia.
Phone +61 (0)2-4758-6822.


NOTOCHEMO’S CONCLUSION: To each his own, all the best.

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Vitamin C – Tapioca!

Hubby gets intravenous Vitamin C as part of his anticancer healing.  He is doing very, very well.  His Vitamin C comes from tapioca.

I take amla berry daily with my smoothie or in water.

Below is a link and extract about vitamin C – there are synthetic and natural sources of Vitamin C – do you know where your Vitamin C comes from?


Vitamin C is the most commonly consumed nutrient supplement and is available in tablets, both fast-acting and time-released, in chewable tablets, in powders and effervescents, and in liquid form. It is available as ascorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid, and various mineral ascorbate salts, such as sodium or calcium ascorbate. One of my favorite formulas, which was developed by Stephen Levine at Nutricology in San Leandro, California, is a buffered powder made from sago palm that contains 2,350 mg. of vitamin C per teaspoon, along with 450 mg. of calcium, 250 mg. of magnesium, and 99 mg. of potassium. It gets into the body quickly and is very easy on and often soothing to the stomach and intestinal lining. The potassium-magnesium combination can often be helpful for fatigue, and this formula is a good vehicle for fulfilling calcium needs.

Vitamin C works rapidly, so the total amount we take over the day should be divided into multiple doses (four to six) or taken as a time-released tablet a couple of times a day. When increasing or decreasing vitamin C intake, it is best to do so slowly because our body systems become accustomed to certain levels. Some nutritionists describe a problem of rebound scurvy in infants, especially when a high amount is taken by the mother during pregnancy but then the infant gets very little after birth and so suffers some deficiency symptoms. I have seen nothing confirming this in the literature. Overall, though, it is probably wise to reduce vitamin C intake slowly after taking high amounts, rather than to drop abruptly.

My basic suggestion for vitamin C use is about 2–4 grams per day with a typical active and healthy city lifestyle. Based on previous levels in our native diets, Linus Pauling feels that the optimum daily levels of vitamin C are between 2,500 and 10,000 mg. Clearly, requirements for vitamin C vary and may be higher according to state of health, age (needs increase with years), weight, activity and energy levels, and general metabolism. Stress, illness, and injuries further increase the requirements for ascorbic acid. Many authorities suggest that we take at least 500 mg. of vitamin C daily to meet basic body needs.

During times of specific illnesses, especially viral infections, doctors who use megadose vitamin C treatment suggest at least 20–40 grams daily, some of it intravenously. Vitamin C has been used safely and effectively in dosages of 10 grams or more dripped slowly (over 30–60 minutes) into the blood to reach optimum tissue levels before excretion, so as to bathe the cells in vitamin C. Some doctors prescribe what is called “bowel tolerance” daily intake of vitamin C—that is, increasing the oral dose until diarrhea results and then cutting back. This level can vary greatly from a few grams to 100 grams or more. The claim is that our body knows what we need and will respond by changing the water balance in the colon when we have had enough. Physician Robert Cathcart has used vitamin C this way in his practice for years to treat many problems, with claimed good success; yet, I do not have the experience to make an adequate conclusion. This practice does, however, add further mystery to the vitamin C controversy. More research is definitely needed regarding ascorbic acid, and new discoveries will likely be made.

Source: Elson M. Haas M.D. (Excerpted from Staying Healthy with Nutrition: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine)


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Your Doctor May Need You – Good Thing Hubby Did Not Go To Medical School

Hubby was told by doctors/specialists – after being diagnosed with cancer and only option offered to him was chemo – “you can eat anything.”

Hubby did just the opposite – good thing he didn’t go to medical school.

Maybe you could educate your doctor about nutrition.



Only 6% or so study nutrition at medical school.

The fundamental reason why doctors do not know much about nutrition is because very few of them study anything about it at medical school. As discussed further on, this is largely because the curriculum is heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical drug industry.

Dr Ray Strand comments on his own lack of education about nutrition:

“In medical school I had not received any significant instruction on the subject. I was not alone. Only approximately 6 percent of the graduating physicians in the United States have any training in nutrition. Medical students may take elective courses on the topic, but few actually do… the education of most physicians is disease-oriented with a heavy emphasis on pharmaceuticals – we learn about drugs and why and when to use them.” (2)

Dr Ladd McNamara:

“Doctors usually make good teachers, but not good students. Most doctors fear not knowing the answers to medically-related issues, and will try to present themselves with as much authority as possible. Dietary supplements are a very foreign subject for most doctors, and most doctors show no interest in learning more. We were not taught much in medical school about the power of nutrition in medicine, only about the power of prescription drugs and surgery as treatment for diseases. The focus was on treatment and not on prevention. It is this mindset that causes most physicians to be unreceptive to new ideas in medicine.” (3)

The influence of drug companies on medical education.

A major reason why this happen is because pharmaceutical companies provide very large funds to medical school and universities. For example, consider that the Rockefeller organisation, which encompasses over 200 pharmaceutical and associated enterprises, is the largest single private source of funding for Western medical science and education. The impact of this is clearly demonstrated by an example from the first half of the twentieth century – the formative years of modern drug-based medicine. In his book Naked Empress – the Great Medical Fraud, Hans Ruesch quotes extensively from a 1948 book titled The Drug Story by Morris Bealle.

Bealle revealed that: “The last annual report of the Rockefeller Foundation itemises the gifts it has made to [medical] colleges and [government] public agencies in the past 44 years, and they total somewhat over half a billion dollars. These colleges, of course, teach their students all the drug lore the Rockefeller pharmaceutical houses want taught.(Read the Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity Committed in Connection With the Pharmaceutical ‘Business With Disease’ )”


NOTOCHEMO’S CONCLUSION:  Do a search, there are doctors who actually know what they learned in medical school cannot help them.   One is David Servan Screiber who had to go alternative to save himself when doctors told him it was hopeless.   We still refer to his book, “Anticancer”.

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