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Healthy medicine against cancer

After being diagnosed with lymphoma about 6 months ago, my husband was deciding between conventional chemo and alternative medicine. I am a firm believer in organic healing wherever possible (not that I discount a great deal of good work done by conventional medicine).

2 specialists told us:

only treatment was chemotherapy but cancer would return in about 2 years

stem cell would be the next option

the first specialist said:

yes, you don’t have to change your diet, eat whatever you want

effects of chemo only last three to four days (“you’re young, you’ll be all right)

we found out from other people with the same or different cancers who used alternative healing:

diet change is a definite must

the four food groups of the USDA are a toxic combination and pre-cursor to later health problems

there are many alternative treatments and MANY people have healed from cancer

Hubby’s lymphoma was stage 4 Non-Hodgkins.  I decided, when results showed the path was good and solid, I would share what I could to give some help to others who might have been in our shoes and were wondering, searching.

Firstly, we came across – a lady who, 16 years ago, cured herself of lupus, then lymphoma (with lumps the size of a grapefruit). This was a springboard for us to explore herbs. Although we had pretty much eaten healthy (organics, healthy food combinations – ie, vegs and meat, vegs and whole grains, fruits separately, very little water with meals, no refined sugar, bad carbs, etc.), we refined our diet even further, started Angela’s herb protocols, and also consulted The Nevada Clinic, run by Dr Fuller Royal.

May 11 – we started Angela’s protocols (you will see all the formulas etc. on her website) A week or two later, hubby started Bicarbonate and Vitamin C IVs with Royal.

The next week, we started a full workout with Royal – he uses this machine to determine your heart hormones (and gives you drops you put under your tongue for those that you are lacking in), the health of your meridians that lead to your organs etc. and, accordingly, prescribes again.

In between the treatment above, we have made many changes, like, we started regular chanting, meditation, reiki treatments, cranial reflexology, shiatsu and recently, singing bowl meditation (many of these are complimentary through the kindness of practitioners who are giving back to the community through a local organization called The Caring Place.)

I don’t have time right now to go into specifics but thought I would share what I could for today and am very happy to help with questions or if hear from anyone who has information to share.

By the way, please spare some time and watch this movie called Food Inc. – it is important to know where your food comes from and understand why we have the health problems of today and what could happen to future generations.

Another movie is online at

Another thing – I fully support organic food now that I understand so much more about food, when I can, I will post what I find at the markets so that you can get them if they are available in your area.

As at Aug 2, 2009:

Organic cherries – Trader Joe – 3 pounds – $5.99

Organic strawberries – Trader Joe – 2 pounds – $4.49

Organic Lundberg short-grain rice – Costco – 12 pounds – about $13/14

Organic Tallgrass grass-fed beef patties – Costco – 8 vacuum packed pre-cooked patties, packed 2 each, total 8 – about $10-$12

I’m doing these prices from memory so I could be off a little, but the TJ prices are good as of today, I just bought pounds of them because they are excellent against cancer. Strawberries has ellagic acid, cherries has queritrin. To add to our fight against cancer, hubby will be starting Dr Tom Wu’s smoothie diet. Our Vitamix blender arrives early next week and I will keep tab of this new protocol.

Look out for our progress report on this new raw food anticancer smoothie.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT – olive oil should be consumed raw, cold, and never heated as in being heated to cook foods.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT – not all soy is poisonous but if you watch the Food Inc. movie, you will understand why some soy can be so bad for and how so much of this bad soy is in other things that you eat. Please tell your friends to support the people who spent money making this movie to bring you the truth about you and government impact on your health. Another movie about this topic is at and you will understand why Asians consume so much soy and they are healthy, yet over here in USA, soy can be dangerous.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT – research coconut oil and why it is good for you. I now cook with coconut oil (organic extra-virgin).

GOOD NEWS – even before today, the largest lump in hubby’s groin has decreased!!!

I hope I have helped someone out there with the above.


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